About Us

Hello and welcome to the Missing Souls!

We are a couple, Ivona & Dario and we’re the founders of Missing Souls.

This blog is dedicated to covering the stories of missing people, unsolved cases, as well as solved disappearances and cases.

Our aim is to help share information about the missing and cases, in addition, to increase coverage of those who are missing/unsolved.

Our Story

We are a couple who started this blog after watching true crime episodes, such as disappeared and cold cases. While watching these documentaries, we noticed that there are hundreds of cases that don’t receive as much coverage/exposure. Our aim is to hopefully spread their names/cases.

Our Goals

We have a couple of goals and the first one is to do what we love. We are both passionate about helping others and even though we can’t directly help everyone, we can do our best to contribute and help in any way we can.

This space is also created for educational purposes, webslueths, and true crime lovers. Therefore, we love to help everyone else who’s as passionate about crime documentaries/cases as we are to find the latest updates on the cases.

We aim to include any case updates as soon as there are any so you will be kept up to date with each case.

But we’re also doing our best to bring more exposure to cases that aren’t well-covered on the internet. We believe that the internet is a medium that should be taken advantage of as it helps spread the message and information all around the world.

You never know when the information might come across someone who might have some information without even realizing it! People sometimes fail to realize that even the smallest information, which you may think is nothing, could help a case.

Under each post, there is a comment section where you can comment on any additional information you may have on that particular case.

We also have a contact page where you can message us asking us to cover a particular case you want to see or if you have a missing loved one you would like us to cover.

Missing Souls’ Mission

The main mission of the Missing Souls blog is to be the number one database for the case information that will help spread the information, contact information, and provide a better way to share something regarding the cases.

Our mission is to also gather everyone who’s passionate about crime cases as we are and everyone who would like to make a difference (no matter how big or small) and help the ones who need it the most.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivona & Dario