Amy St. Laurent


Name: Amy St. Laurent
Age: 25 years old
Last seen: October 20, 2001
Location: Portland, Maine
Status: Found deceased



Amy St. Laurent was last seen on the night of October 20th, 2001 after going out with her friend to a local pool hall and dance club, but never returned home.

Saturday night, October 20th, 2001, Amy went out with a friend Eric Rubright, who was visiting from Florida, they went to the Old Port. She had called her mother between 10-10:30 pm and told her she was on her way to Portland from her house in South Berwick, during the call she also invited her mum for drinks with them but she had already gotten into her pajamas.

That evening, the two went to a pool hall, bought pizza, and their last stop was the Pavillion dance club, while at the club they met two men and they were dancing together. Eric went to the bathroom around 1 am and when he came back, Amy was gone.

Eric left the club and stood outside until around 1:20 am, but he couldn’t find Amy so he then went to the car, and inside was Amy’s cellphone, coat, purse, and backpack. This meant that all Amy had on her were her driver’s license and some cash.

Eric then drove around the block looking for Amy but didn’t see her, so eventually, he gave up and figured she had left with the two men and would find her own way home. He then drove back to Amy’s house, and the next morning when he woke up in the car because he didn’t feel comfortable sleeping at her house when she wasn’t around, Amy still hadn’t returned. He used a spare key she had given him to go inside the house and had a shower.  He left Amy’s purse and backpack inside her house, he left her coat on the hood of her car and a note on her door, asking what had happened and thank you for the visit, he left her house keys on the tire of her car and then left.

Amy had left with two men she had met on the night out and went to an apartment on Brighton Avenue for a birthday party, which was out of character of Amy.

Her friends and family were immediately concerned when no one had heard from her the following day. Then Amy did not show up for work the following Monday, which made them extremely worried.

The Search/Investigation

Eric Rubright’s story was questioned by authorities so he agreed to have his car searched and submitted a polygraph test.

One of the first tips investigators received was of a man named Jeffery “Russ” Gorman, a 21-year-old man who lived with his two roommates. Jeffery told the detectives that he and his two roommates met Amy on Saturday night and had invited her to a party back at his apartment, but only his two roommates showed up. He then told detectives that he drove Amy back home and was back at his own apartment at 2 am.

However, when the two roommates were questioned, they gave investigators a different story. One of the roommates said he had arrived back at their apartment at 3 am and Jeffrey was nowhere to be found. He then woke up around 5 am, to find Jeffrey cleaning in the bathroom.

Investigators then found out that Jeffery had been pulled over at 3:14 am, on the night of Amy St. Laurent’s disappearance. This was over an hour after he had told detectives.

Air, ground and water searches for Amy went on for 2 months.

Update: Found

On December 8th, 2001, authorities found Amy’s body buried in a shallow grave in the woods off Route 22 in Scarborough, near Jeffery’s mother’s home. She had been beaten, her body showed signs of sexual assault, and she had been shot. Her autopsy also showed signs of GHB, one of the date rape drugs, in her system. Her body had been left in the woods for a number of days until her killer returned to bury her.

On a 22 minutes phone call Jeffery had to his mother, he admitted to murdering Amy as well as giving details of the crime.


Jeffery Gorman was sentenced to 60 years in prison for the murder of Amy St Laurent. The trial took place in 2003 and lasted a week-long, his mother had testified to his admission.

Resources and Further Information

Investigation Discovery: Nightmare Next Door – Season 2 Episode 4 ”The Lady Killer”

Investigation Discovery: Disappeared – Season 1 Episode 3 “A Fateful Meeting”

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