Angel Garcia Missing


Name: Angel Garcia
Last seen: October 21, 2011
Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Angel Garcia Hispanic/Latino Male with brown hair, that is usually tied back into a ponytail, and brown eyes. He is 5’10 tall and weighs 180lbs.


Angel has his ears pierced, a scar on his right knuckle, a scar on his right knee, and a scar on his chin. He has a mole on his upper lip, lower back, and on his chest between nipples.

He was last seen wearing a grey hoodie, blue jeans, and black sneakers with a red design.

He was last seen riding his dirt bike which was a red Honda 85 cc dirt bike with a large ‘Geico’ logo on the side.


Background Information

Angel Garcia was born on March 5th, 1992, to parents Laura Suazo and Ralph Garcia, his parents separated when Angel was 10 years old. He lived with his mother and his sister Rose Jimenez and her daughter. When his parents separated, Angel’s relationship with his mum grew closer.



Prior to his disappearance, his girlfriend had moved in so he began learning how to cook, when his mum asked why he was all of a sudden the family cook he told her it was because he loved food and needed to learn how to cook. His mum would always come home after work and dinner would be ready.

Angel’s family had a ritual to try to always sit at the table together and eat, their relationships were very close with each other.

Angel and his girlfriend Omayra Serrano met on Facebook and began dated 14 months before his disappearance. Their relationship got serious quickly and she moved in with his family with her 2-year-old son. At the time Omayra had no place to go, so Angel’s family accepted her into their family immediately.

Omayra was worried Angel would be judgemental about her situation and he son however, he was extremely loving and loved him. His sister said he loved kids, she had a daughter who Angel adored ad spolied.

His hobby was riding dirt-bikes, a month before he went missing, he bought a red honda dirt bike that was his new pride and joy. His mum never knew where he got the money from to purchase it, when she questioned him on it he told her his dad had given him the money to buy it.

He would ride it every day, his mum says he was always washing it and would spend a lot of time with it. He would always tell his mum he loved speed, his friends had the same love for dirt bikes, and would all ride together.

Angel Garcia Missing

Thursday 20th October 2011, Laura came home late from work and her dinner that Angel had made was ready waiting for her, but she had told him she was very tired and was going to bed straight away. They both told each other goodnight and that they loved each other, Laura went to bed around 10 pm that night.

The following morning on Friday 21st October 2011, Laura woke up for work and found Angel in his room sleeping, she has said that Angel would go to school whenever he felt like it.

If she would wake up him, he would get ready for school, while she left for work and then later would find out he didn’t actually go.

Since the third grade, Angel had struggled in school, he was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. He was given medication but he had told his mum he didn’t take taking it because it made him feel like a zombie.

Although he was a couple of school years behind, he was still determined to get his high school diploma.

That Friday morning, Laura goes to work and assumes Angel would go to school, however, he had other plans for the day.

Angel Garcia went to his friend Joel’s house around 10:30 am and they went out to ride their dirt bikes on homemade trails, which is located on the eastern border of the Connecticut River in East Hartford. They liked to use a large field that was located behind Joel’s uncle’s house.

When Angel arrived at Joel’s house they fixed a problem with his bike and then they went out riding for a couple of hours in that area.

During the ride, Joel’s bike runs out of gas so they both end up pushing it back to Joels’s uncle’s house, while pushing the bike back, the two spoke about their plans for the rest of the day and Angel had told Joel that he was going to continue to ride his bike to East Hartford. Joel had other plans so he could not join Angel, ao around 1 pm, Angel rode off on his own heading east.

That evening, Laura came home from work around 9:30 pm and noticed Angel wasn’t home so she decided to go to bed, as she had to get up the next morning to go to work.  In the middle of the night Laura woke up to hearing a chilling voice coming from the street, that sounded like her sons. She heard yelling and someone shouting go ahead break it. In a panic, Laura goes out of her bedroom and runs into Omayra in the hallway looking just as frightened as she is. They both ran out to the front porch but there was no one outside nor were there any cars.

Laura then asked Omayra where is Angel and she said she didn’t know and that was had been calling him all day but he wasn’t picking up. This is when they both began to panic and feel worried. Omayra told Laura that Angel did not come home that day and that the last time they had spoken was on the phone around 10:30 am and Angel had told her he was out riding his bike with Joel and that he would call her back in a few as he had bad service behind Joel’s uncle’s house. However, he didn’t call her back and when she tried to call him back she thought his phone had just died.

According to cellphone records, Angel’s phone was last used when he spoke to his girlfriend that morning.

The rest of that night, Laura and Omarya stayed up calling anyone Angel knew, trying to find out his whereabouts.

By Saturday, Laura realizes something more serious had happened to her son, she was told to wait 24 hours to file for a missing persons report. This is when she files Angel as missing and a patrol officer is dispatched to their house and takes a report.

Police immediately follow up with Joel as he was the last person to see Angel. Joel told authorities Angel was at his house and they were riding bikes and that he had to leave so Angel continued on his own. He said Angel had told him he was planning to go ride on the trails in east Hartford, behind some car dealerships, he also told police the reason he couldn’t go was because he had errands to do and that he didn’t like riding to east Hartford, because they would have to go over the Connecticut River which was very risky. There were two ways Angel could have gone over the River. The first was going through the bridge which was dangerous as it was busy or he could have gone over the train trestle which was a common way people on dirt bikes went but due to recent heavy rain, the river was at flood stage.    


Authorities were never able to search the river as they believe he could have fallen in if he went this way to the East Hartford area, but the water is too deep and the current is high speed.

His dirt bike has also never been recovered.

The Search/Investigation

There was no surveillance footage of Angel Garcia riding his dirt bike in East Hartford behind the car dealerships, nor has there been any surveillance footage of Angel driving by different businesses he would have to go past to get that location.

Investigators were able to see Angel’s last ping which was on the Friday at 3:28 pm, it pinged at a cell tower in East Hartford near some railroad tracks. This was more than 2 hours after Angel told Joel he was going to ride on his own to East Hartford.

Investigators have said there has been no activity on Angel’s cellphone or bank records since his disappearance.

Search teams have conducted searches in both areas: around the East Hartford area and the last known he was last physically seen in, which was where Angel and Joel rode their bikes. Family and friends have also conducted searches in the location he was last seen in, this was located behind Joel’s uncle’s house.

Police have conducted searches that included K-9 units, including both rescue dogs and cadaver dogs in the area he disappeared, but nothing was found. They also brought ATVs to search the rough terrain and wooded areas.

One of Angel’s friends, Josh, came forward saying he remembers riding his dirt bike with Angel on Thursday evening and it seemed like someone was after him. As they were going past New Britain Avenue a tanned jeep went past them and did a sudden U-turn and began to chase them. According to Josh, Angel turned into a field where the jeep couldn’t follow him, then the jeep circled back to Josh and the driver pulled up and said where did your friend go. Josh said the jeep was occupied by two white men with blonde hair.

Another friend of Angel’s, Lewis, came forward and told Laura he was afraid to talk to the police but did go to speak to authorities. He told them Angel’s bike was stolen. Ange, Josh, and Lewis were the ones that stole it.  According to Lewis, a month prior Angel had found the dirt bike listed on craigslist and had asked them to help him with a scheme.

Angel met the owners of the bike at their house and asked to take the bike for a test drive which they agreed to. Agel got on the bike a rode off down the street, his friends were around the corner waiting for him around the corner with the truck. They helped him load the bike into the truck and they left.

Investigators were able to find the craigslist and track down the men whose bike was stolen, but detectives found no evidence they were not involved in Angel’s disappearance. They did not fit the description of the jeep occupants and they didn’t own a jeep.

Detectives decided to bring in Joel for a formal statement, he didn’t change his story, so they decided to show him a map of the area behind his uncle’s house, and when they showed an image of a mapped area of the railroad tracks, where Angel’s phone last pinged he began to seem uncomfortable and nervous. He has maintained he didn’t join Angel on the ride to East Hartford, however, Angel’s family say he would never go alone to that area.

Detectives then decided to take Joel to the railroad tracks which he agreed to and when they arrived there Joel maintained his story and authorities didn’t feel any sort of suspicion toward Joel as he was being corporative.

Then, detectives received a lead about a tanned jeep that was recently involved in a hit-and-run minor collision. While police investigated the scene they found an abandoned tanned jeep that was actually stolen on the day of the chase (Thursday).

Investigators process the car and take it for examination. They tested it for fingerprints and were able to find a traceable print that didn’t belong to the actual owner of the vehicle. The fingerprint was sent into the database, while detectives waited for the results, tips continued to come in.

A caller told detectives he remembered seeing Angel riding his bike with another one of his friends named Anthony, 4 hours after being Joel. Anthony was interviewed and he admitted to riding with Angel but it was on Thursday and he was sure it was on Thursday because on Friday at 5 pm he was with his girlfriend and went home early. When authorities spoke to Anthony’s girlfriend they find his story doesn’t match up as she told the police they were together on Friday at 5 pm but they stayed out till late that evening.

When Anthony has questioned again his story suddenly changed. He told police he was out till late on Friday but the reason he had lied was because he wasn’t supposed to be out late and had violated his court order curfew. He was then ruled out as being a potential suspect in the disappearance of Angel Garcia.

2 months later, in December 2011, detectives received the results for the fingerprint but it belongs to a Hispanic male who had no connection to the chase as he didn’t match the description of the occupants of the jeep.

On the 9th January 2012, a convenience store worker called authorities saying Angel Garcia was just in her store in New Britain. She told authorities she was certain it was the missing person she had kept seeing posters of and that the individual had a fresh tattoo on their neck of the name ‘Angel’, she continued to say the whole thing was captured on surveillance footage.

When Laura looked at the footage closely she believed this person looked like her son.


A few weeks later the worker called again and told them the person had been in the store again, the individual got into a car which the worker was able to take down a partial license plate. Police weren’t able to use the partial license plate so they set up a surveillance team outside the store. A few days later, the officers drove around a quarter of a mile from the convenience store and they saw the individual who was the spitting image of Angel, however, this person wasn’t Angel, his name was Nelson and the tattoo on his neck said ‘Ashely’.

Angel’s family has said his disappearance is suspicious due to it being extremely unlike him to just run off or start a new life. Those close to Angel have also said he was very close with his parents and wouldn’t willingly disappear.

Angel Garcia’s girlfriend, Omayra Serrano, said “he said he was riding his dirt bike and that he was gonna call me when he was done, and I waited for his call and he never called me, and he told me he was gonna meet me at the house, but he never came.” Angel’s aunt, Sue Santana, said “he’s never done this before. Never. This is not him. He don’t never do this. He’s never done this before.” 


Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Angel Garcia please contact Hartford Police Department at 860-757-4242 or you can contact Detective Ivys Arroyo at 860-757-4236.Angel-Garcia-missing-poster

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