Brian Barton


Name: Brian Roy Barton
Age: 24 years old
Last seen: March 10, 2005
Location: Federal Way, Washington
Status: Found deceased



Brian Roy Barton was born on August 6th, 1979, in California. Brian was adopted by parents Maureen and Brian Barton at the age of two, where he lived with his younger brother Adam. He grew up in Vista, California.

Brian graduated from Buena Vista Highschool in Vista, California. At the age of 21, Brian moved to Seattle with his best friend where he became involved in the grunge music scene. Brian joined a punk rock band called As Fate Would Have It, where he was the lead guitarist.

Within the four years of being in the band, they became very popular and successful. In 2005, the band entered a contest in a battle of the bands. After the contest, the band was chosen to join a tour in Los Angeles by the creators of Taste of Chaos Tour.


Around the time of Brian’s disappearance, he was on and off with his girlfriend Breanna Duvall for about a year. Their relationship was described as a hindrance to their success, by the band.

Brian proposed to Breanna 6 months into the relationship.

On March 8th, 2005, Brian had a long talk with his fiance over the phone, where they decided to break up. However, within a couple of days, they got back together and Brian quit the band the day before he disappeared and had inexplicably dropped out of the tour. In an interview, the band speak about being upset and thought Brian had picked his relationship over them.


On March 10th, 2005, Brian went to work at a plastic molding manufacturer and cashed his paycheck. At 4 pm Brian attended an appointment with a counselor. Brian’s fiance had set up the appointment for him as he seemed depressed in the last few days before he disappeared. At this session, they discussed his childhood as well as his relationship with his girlfriend.

After his appointment ended, around 5 pm, his fiance tried to call him but his cellphone was going straight to voicemail. The counseling session was the last time Brian was seen or heard from.

Brian’s fiance became concerned and decided to leave work early to go check on Brian at their apartment in the 1300 block of Southwest Campus Drive in Federal Way, Washington. There she found Brian’s truck parked in the driveway, but there was no sign of Brian.

When Brian did not return home that evening, his fiance filed a missing persons report.


Upon searching Brian’s truck, his keys were found as well as his cellphone which had been switched off. Inside the apartment, his wallet, containing $800 cash, and his work clothes were found.


On March 11th, his bandmates went out to search for him.

On March 15th, Darlene Deyo, a police officer got involved in Brian’s case. She interviewed Breanna first and found it odd that she had reported Brian missing after only a few hours.

Detective Deyo spoke to the counselor Brian had gone to see the day he went missing. The counselor said he seemed depressed and he had said “now I know what I have to do”, before leaving the appointment.

On March 21st, Brian’s brother and dad met Detective Deyo at Brian’s apartment he shared with his fiance. At the apartment, they found a screen door that had been bent and taken off the door frame. Aside from that, there were no other signs of a struggle.

Detective Deyo also spoke to Brian’s bandmates and they all seemed to accuse one particular person, Dylan “Tank” Loorem. To the detective, it had seemed as though the band had spoken about their storied prior to being questioned and during the interview, none of them would look her in the eyes.

On May 11th, Brian’s bandmate Rusty Reed, quit the band. He said he didn’t know who he could trust, and also suspected Dylan of doing something to Brian Barton. A few days after leaving the band, Rusty saw on social media a photo Dylan had posted holding a handgun with a comment that said “Rusty ended my band, so I’m going to end him.” Both Rusty and Dylan, were interviewed and Dylan claimed: “it was a prank.”


June 5th, 2009, Breanna said police came to her house at 5 am and took her into the police station. She says she never knew they were considering her as a suspect. Dylan, Ryan, and another friend of Brian’s were also questioned where they began pointing fingers at each other. They continued to say they believe Dylan was somehow involved, due to his size.

The police decided to do a search for Dylan’s grandma’s property, a place where the band would sometimes rehearse. They brought cadaver dogs, and one of the dogs actually hit on a patch of dirt, which ended up being the body of another dog.

Police also searched Brian’s old apartment and found a stain in the carpet. The test on the stain ended up coming back as negative.

All three suspects, Dylan, Breanna, and Ryan took and passed polygraph tests and were cleared.

Remains Found

Skeletal remains were found on July 29th, 2017, by church members who were cleaning the property behind Evergreen Bible Chaple, in Federal Way, Washington. The remains were found among a mass of overgrown brush behind the church.

Evergreen Bible Chaple was located within a mile away from Brian’s home, in the 3400 blocks of Avenue Southwest.


On August 4th, 2017, the skeletal remains were positively identified as those belonging to Brian Roy Barton. A preliminary examination was conducted by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office found no signs of foul play in Brian’s death.

Contact Information

If you have any information in regards to the disappearance of Brian Barton please contact the Federal Way Police Department (253) 835-6700.

Resources and Further Information

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Brian Roy Barton

Authorities identify remains found on Federal Way church property

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