Mini Mystery: Brianne Wolgram


Name: Brianne Ruth Wolgram
Age: 19 years old
Last seen: September 5th, 1998
Location: Revelstoke, BC
Status: Missing


Physical Description 

Brianne Wolgram was 19 years old at the time of her disappearance. She is caucasian 5’2 and 130lbs, blue eyes and light brown curly hair that’s shoulder-length, she has a birthmark on the back of her right leg.

The day she disappeared she was wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and black sandals. 

Background Information 


Brianne was described as a soft-spoken young woman who was kind to everyone. All of her friends say she seemed timid and shy but those that got to know her said she was fun and outgoing and always made people laugh. 

Brianne Wolgram lived with her parents Sheryl and Cliff. She had two older brothers, Troy and Todd, who at the time of her disappearance had moved out. 

Brianne was like most young teenagers, she spent time with her close group of friends, she would sometimes go to parties and while she did occasionally drink alcohol, she never got into drugs, while she also worked.

During her time at school, she loved to play different sports and worked out at the gym. She had dreams of going to college, traveling, getting married, and having a family of her own. At the time of her disappearance, she did not have a boyfriend but she had crushes.  

She was described as a hardworking person who was dedicated to anything she set her mind to. At the time of her disappearance, she had two jobs. She was working part-time at a local McDonalds and full time at the Ol’Frontier Supersave gas station, which was both located on the Trans Canada Highway in Revelstoke, BC.  


Friday, September 4th, 1998, which was the day before her disappearance. Brianne had worked the late shift at McDonald’s and after she finished work she went out and hung out with some of her friends.

There is not a lot of information about what happened that night but the following day, the 5th September, when Brianne went to her shift at the gas station, according to her co-worker, she seemed a little bit off. The co-worker described her as a lot quieter than usual, it seemed like something may have been bothering her and at one point during her shift, she broke down and started crying. No one really knew what Brianne was so upset over, she never told anyone. 

According to Brianne’s mum, “she had a quick cry about it and then she got over it” 

Brianne got off of work that day around 7. Her parents were going to a BBQ, which Brianne said she wasn’t going to go to because she had her own plans for that night. She was going to go home take a nap and then go out with her best friend Kristi Cain.

Both girls worked at the gas station, so Kristi told her to pick her up when her shift ended at 11:15 pm at the gas station, as well as to go and pick up some wine coolers before she came and picked her up so that they could have something to drink that night at a party they were going to. 

However, Brianne never showed up at the gas station to pick up Kristi that night. After waiting around for a little while, Kristi decided to call Brianne’s house phone to see if she was at home or to see if her parents knew where she was.

Her parents told Kristi that she was not at home and they were under the impression that Brianne was going to go and pick Kristi up. This made Sheryl and Cliff panic and worried.    

The following day a missing person report was filed. Four witnesses came forward to authorities saying that they had seen Brianne the night of September 5th.

The four witnesses who knew Brianne personally said they were certain that they had seen her at the local 7/11 between 11-11:30 pm, they also said that she was not alone. According to the witnesses, Brianne was seen talking to 3 different women outside of the 7-11, no one was able to identify the 3 women and to this day those women have never come forward. Composite sketches were made by all of the witnesses.

Unfortunately, there were no security cameras at this 7-11, this meant that police were not able to figure out how these interactions happened or what Brianne’s body language was like.


The Search

5 days after Brianne’s disappearance, on the 10th of September, her car which was a black Acura Integra that had gold rims was found in a large ditch off of Echo Lake Road (approximately a 30-minute drive from Revelstoke). The car had minor damages but it had seemed to have hit a tree nearby. 

Inside the car, Brianne’s items including her: wallet, driver’s license, and $200 cash were found. Outside of the car were a pack of cigars, a can of Budweiser, and an empty air freshener package. 

Inside of the car were a yellow and red air freshener hanging on the rearview mirror, as well as a beach towel, a pack of cigarettes, and a 6-pack of wine coolers. 

Authorities tried to see if they could get any DNA from the car however they were unable to because the outside of the car had been sitting in a ditch which had been collecting dust over the 5 days it had been sitting there.


They were also unable to collect DNA from the inside of the car because the texture of the seats made it unable for them to retrieve any DNA/fingerprints.   

A partial footprint was found in the dirt right outside of the car of a size 11 men’s boot. Authorities said because it was a partial footprint they were not able to get a cast of it.    

No other information was given out from the police department, except for the information provided above. 

After the car was found a witness came forward to say that in the early morning hours of September 6th, he saw a young woman who matched Brianne’s description walking by herself, up Echo Lake Road. When she was walking he said hi to her however she did not respond and continued to walk. 

Searches took place with helicopters and planes as well as people looking in forests, the woods, rivers, and bodies of water. There was even a $20,000 reward for any information that would lead to the finding of Brianne.  

It is important to keep in mind that this particular weekend was labor day weekend and as well as the CP ball tournament (Canada Cup International Softball Championship) was held in Revelstoke, which brought so many new people into Revelstoke which may be the reason why no one was able to identify these 3 women. This is just an extra fact to keep in mind. 

Contact Information


Brianne’s family has never lost hope. Her mother, Sheryl lights a candle on the front porch every year on Brianne’s birthday in hopes that it will help guide Brianne back home. Sheryl also keeps the photo from Brianne’s senior prom as her background photo of her iPhone because it is her favorite picture of her daughter. 

There is a memorial statue, Angel of Hope statue in a local park, unfortunately, the statue has a metal cage around it as it has been vandalized three separate times. 

One of Brianne’s friends, Anna Swayze, started a GoFundMe page to help collect money for a reward for any information about where Brianne is/what happened. She says “I worry people will forget. We need to keep attention on this.”

If you have any information about Brianne Wolgram’s disappearance please contact RCMP or Missing Children Society of Canada on 1-800-661-6160 

Or you can fill out the contact form on the find Brianne website.  

Resources and Further Information

Official Find Brianne Wolgram website: 

GoFundMe page:

Facebook missing people of Canada page:

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