Where is Bryce Laspisa?


Name: Bryce David Laspisa
Age: 19 years old
Last seen: August 30, 2013
Location: Castaic, California
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Bryce Laspisa is a caucasian male with red hair and green eyes, he is 5’11 tall and weighs 170lbs. He has his ears pierced and a tattoo of Taurus bullhead and his birthday in Roman numerals on his upper left shoulder.


Bryce was last seen wearing a blue/white checkered shirt, white cargo shorts, and size 12 red and white Nike sneakers.

Background Information

Bryce David Laspisa was born on April 30th, 1994 to parents Karen and Mike Laspisa. Bryce was raised in the Chicago suburbs of Illinois and graduated from Naperville Central High School in 2012, he was described as a very social person and had a lot of friends. When his parents retired they moved to Laguna Niguel, California.

Bryce with parents

Bryce went to Sierra College in northern California to earn credits in hopes of transferring to a four-year university. At the time of Bryce’s disappearance, he was beginning his sophomore year to study industrial and graphic design.

He had just spent the summer with his parents which was something they always did and had a great time together.

Bryce’s parents began receiving strange phone calls from his girlfriend Kim and roommate Shawn, saying he was having some odd behavior and they couldn’t quite understand why he was acting odd.

He had also given away his personal belongings to his friends, this included a pair of diamond earrings he had gotten from his mum as well as his Xbox. He had also texted his girlfriend saying you’re better off without me.

Bryce with girlfriend

Bryce had ADHD and was taking Vyvanse medication which helps with focus and energy. However, Bryce was drinking alcohol while taking them and wasn’t taken them at a consistent time.


Bryce went to Kim’s house, in the City of Chico, on August 29th, she said when he came over he just seemed really weird so she called his mum and told her what was going on. Bryce then got on the phone with his mum and explained that he had broken up with Kim and had also said ‘I’ve been thinking some things and I have some things to tell you when I get home.’

His mum offered to fly in the next day to talk and he says to wait because he had a lot of things to talk to her about and that he was going to drive back to his apartment. He had also told his parents he had broken up with Kim, he wanted his keys so he could go home but she wasn’t giving them to him as she felt like he wasn’t well enough to drive.

The following morning Bryce’s parents received a call from their state farm representative insurance company and left a voicemail saying that he had his car serviced by roadside assistance at around 9 am that morning. When his mum looked at his location she found out that Bryce had just been sitting in the middle of nowhere.

Their credit card showed a charge at Buttonwillow, although Bryce had no reason to be in this area. However, they believed Bryce was driving home in Laguna Niguel, California, which was about a 3-hour drive from Buttonwillow.


Bryce’s mum called the roadside assistance a sent them back to check on Bryce. By the time the roadside assistance had arrived, Bryce had been sitting there for 3 hours.

Bryce spoke to his mum on the phone and said he would be home around 3 pm. As he was driving his mum wasn’t calling him to check on him but he wasn’t answering the phone. After another 6 hours they hadn’t heard from Bryce, they were able to track his phone and saw that he had moved only 8 miles in the last 9 hours.

After Bryce didn’t arrive at his family home when he said he was going to arrive, his mother grew concerned and contacted the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Officers found Bryce just sitting in his car.

Bryce was given a sobriety test which he passed, and the officer told Bryce to call his mum. The officer had to argue with him for a bit because he didn’t want to contact his parents. However, he ended up calling his mother to reassure her he was coming back soon and gave them a new time he would arrive.

After Bryce didn’t arrive home at the new time he gave his parents, they called roadside assistance, they found Bryce still sitting in the same place. It had now been 13 hours. Roadside assistance this time followed him onto the interstate to make sure he was going in the right direction.

Bryce was supposed to arrive home at 3:35 am. Then at 2:09 am, his mother received a call from him saying he was too tired to drive and that he was going to pull over for a bit to rest before continuing. This was the last time Bryce was heard from and he never arrived home.

On August 30th, at 8amthe police came to Bryce’s parents’ home and told them Bryce had been in a car accident.

Bryce’s 2003 beige Toyota Highlander SUV was found abandoned at the bottom of a 15-foot ravine of Lake Hughes Road near Castaic River. The car was found overturned with the rear windshield broken out and some blood inside, on the side of Main Ramp Road, about 100 feet from Lake Hughes Road. Inside the vehicle were Bryce’s phone, ID, wallet, and laptop but Bryce was nowhere to be seen.

The Search/Investigation

A two-week search was held in the area where the car was found, with volunteers, rescue teams, search dogs, and police divers, but nothing was found.


Investigators found surveillance footage near the ravine off Lake Hughes Road captured Bryce’s vehicle twice on August 30th at 2:15 am and then again at 4:29 am. The first sighting was just 7 minutes after Bryce’s phone call to his mother when he said he was going to be pulling over for the night.

Authorities believe Bryce had walked away from the scene of the vehicle, and also think this could have been a possible suicide attempt.

Search dogs were able to trace Bryce’s scent, 9 days after Bryce disappeared, that lead away from the lake on the west side towards a truck stop on Castaic Road. Police theorized Bryce must have gotten into someone’s truck as the dog’s scent stopped at the truck stop.

Bryce Laspisa’s friends told authorities that he had been drinking more recklessly and was taking a prescription ADHD medication while playing games at night. He had also ended his relationship with his girlfriend abruptly the day before he went missing.

Investigators have found no signs of foul play in Bryce Laspisa’s disappearance.


In 2019, human remains were found in Canyon Country near an area that was affected by the Tick Fire. The remains were found near the intersection of Sand Canyon Road and Thompson Ranch Drive, which is approximately 20 miles from where Bryce went missing.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office announced that the body had been there for at least a year prior to the fire, but suggested that the person’s death was unrelated to the fire.

Could these remains belong to Bryce Laspisa?

Contact Information

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Bryce Laspisa please contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office at 323-890-5500 or contact the family tip line at 949-292-4400. There is also an email to send any information to findbrycelaspisa@gmail.com.

There is a $5,000 reward offered by the family for any information leading to finding Bryce David Laspisa.


Resources and Further Information




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