Disappearance of Charles Allen Jr.


Name: Charles Allen Jr.
Age: 22 years old
Last seen: October 12th, 2007
Location: Dartmouth, Massechusetts
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Charles Allen Jr has short light brown hair and brown eyes. He’s 6’0″ and weighs 175 lbs. When he was last seen, he was wearing black sweatpants with a red stripe down the leg, a long-sleeved t-shirt (2007 US Open), and sneakers.

It’s worth mentioning that Charles Allen Jr legally changed his name the month before his disappearance into Neo Babson Maximus. He is also known as Charlie, as well as Charles.

Neo was his in-game nickname (after the Matrix), Babson was his mother’s maiden name, and Maximus is after the Gladiator.

Background Information


Charles Allen Jr was born April 26, 1985, he lived in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Charles is a very intelligent man who enjoyed everything he was doing. Right before his disappearance, Charles was attending senior psychology major at the University of Massachusett’s Dartmouth campus.

He had an off-campus apartment in New Bedford, Massachusetts and he drove a 1999 Ford Expedition that had Maryland license plates.

Charles is very well known for being the best player in the world in a game called Half-Life. His nickname was Neo (after the Matrix), which was the name he used to legally rename himself.

Also worth mentioning is that Charles suffered from bipolar disorder and at the time of his disappearance, he wasn’t taking his medication which could be very important as he might have been paranoid and confused because he was having a manic episode.



At the time of his disappearance, Charles was only 22 years old. It all started with his Facebook account being deleted.

His sister was the one who noticed his Facebook account being deleted. When she gave Charles a call to ask him about his Facebook account, he was surprised, shocked, and got extremely paranoid.

When he was asked why he deleted his Facebook account, in the call, Charles told his sister Brittany that he didn’t do it but that someone was after him. He mentioned that he sent emails to important/powerful people who were after him. He immediately told his sister Brittany to go home to stay safe.

His sister mentioned that it seemed to her that Charles was running and was being out of breath. He also mentioned that all the answers can be found in the periodic table of the elements.

After the call, Charles called his mother and dad to whom he left a voice message after they didn’t pick up. He told them a similar thing and the only difference is that he told his mother that he is going to Florida and then told his dad that he is going to Texas.

This was the last time anyone heard from Charles until the next day when he tried to break into a house near the campus saying he was looking for his friend. Even though he climbed through the second-story window, the house owner says that Charles was very polite when he realized that this isn’t his friend’s house. Then he left.

However, the biggest clue right there is that he was shirtless and shoeless. This was the last time Charles Allen Jr was ever seen.

The Search


After his parents became worried after not being able to reach him (after Charles left them voice messages), they alerted the Dartmouth campus police.

The search was on immediately and the campus police found Charles’ shoes and backpack in a woman’s backyard.

They were also able to locate Charles’ car abandoned at the university campus. The only things missing were his keys, mobile phone, and a charger.

After that, local police were contacted and involved in the case where the official search began.

Upon the research of Charles’ computer, detectives weren’t able to find anything useful. It seemed that his computer was wiped. The only thing detectives were able to find was that Charles accessed the University of Texas before he disappeared.

There were no other clues and detectives were not able to find anything else. However, after Charles broke into the house near campus, the police were told that Charles might have headed into the woods.

Since he disappeared, he didn’t use his credit cards, mobile phone, or bank accounts. Even though police didn’t have any other clues to follow – there were unofficial reports of sightings.

A couple of days after his disappearance, there was a possible sighting of a male person that fits Charles’ description, shirtless and shoeless, trying to hitch a ride out of town with a stopped truck on Route 6.


Another unofficial sighting happened in 2009 when Steven, a resident of New Bedford (a town near a Dartmouth campus) reported that a young male person rang his doorbell at 4 AM. Steve said that the young man looked disheveled and that he asked for directions back to SMU (an old term for Dartmouth).

Steven was afraid that the young man might attempt a possible robbery so he didn’t let the man inside. Instead, he went for the phone and have called the police. When he got back to the door, the young man was gone.

Steven was later shown a photo of Charles and he said that he’s very close to 100% sure that the young man who rang his doorbell at 4 AM was Charles.

After that, there were no other unofficial sightings and police didn’t find any clues or further information. Even after the ariel search of the woods near the location, Charles was last seen, police didn’t find anything and there was no more information reported after this.

While authorities don’t suspect foul play and they believe that the bipolar disorder might have contributed to his disappearance.

Charles is still missing to this day and this is a case that will leave you without many answered questions.

Some people believe that Charles had a manic episode which led to his disappearance but lack of clues after all these years definitely makes this case a mystery.

On the other hand, others believe Charles went missing intentionally as he was smart enough to wipe his computer clean and leave without a trace. Charles’ friend Anthony believes this and he thinks that if Charles wants to be found, he will be found.

Was ever Charlie Allen Jr found dead? No, and his case is still open.

What are your thoughts? What do you think happened to Charles?

Contact Information


If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Charles Allen Jr, please call the Dartmouth police department at 508-910-1775.

You can also contact the family directly through Facebook:


Resources and Further Information

The family has set up a Find Charles page on Facebook:


Charles Allen Jr was on the episode of Disappeared TV show (Season 4, Episode 4; Game Over).

More information can be found on the CharleyProject.org page for Charles:

Neo Babson Maximus

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