Cieha Taylor Disappearance


Name: Cieha Taylor
Age: 28 years old
Last seen: February 6th, 2020
Location: Plant City, Florida
Status: Missing


Physical Description 

Cieha Taylor has auburn shoulder-length hair and brown eyes, she is 5’6 and weighs 170lbs. She was last seen wearing a dress with blue, grey, white, and red stripes and a pink cardigan with knee-high tanned boots. 

Cieha has several tattoos, these include the infinity symbol on her upper chest, a large rose and stem on her inner forearm, a ladybug on her ankle, double X’s with a rose on the back of her shoulder, and a faced sun on her upper outer thigh. Cieha has a scar on her right upper arm, and scars on her inner forearms 

Background Information


Cieha Taylor was born November 16, 1991, she lived in Dade City, Florida with her mum Caditha but had moved to live with her boyfriend in Plant City, Florida which was about 45 minutes away. 

She has 2 brothers and a sister. She was a very affectionate person who loved her family. She was described as a fun unique person that has a light-hearted vibe about her by her family. She had a small youtube channel, which only has a few videos but her personality is really reflected in these videos. 

At the time of her disappearance, Cieha was couch-surfing, she was living in-between places, but she also had a boyfriend, where she spent most of her time at his house and was practically living there. In this post, Cieha’s boyfriend’s name will not be named. 


On February 6th, Cieha was with her boyfriend, there is not a lot of information out about what they were doing/what was going on because her boyfriend has not spoken out much to the Taylor family or public interviews. Cieha’s boyfriend has spoken to the police but this information has not been shared with the public.   


At 4 pm, Cieha left after dropping her boyfriend off at his house on Cowart Road in Plant City, Florida, this was the last place she was known to have gone. Later the same day, around 7 pm, police received a call that there was a car that was on/running left on the train tracks.

When police arrived they found a black 2000 Toyota Solaris about a mile away from her boyfriend’s house, on the train tracks at East Trapnell Road. The engine was still running with the heys inside and her belongings including her phone and debit card were still inside.


The police thought this was a hazard so they moved the car off of the tracks and turned off the engine. At the time police did not find it suspicious so they didn’t search who’s car it could be or see if anything was going on, they just left it. 

It took her family and friends a few days to realize Cieha was missing, the reason for this is because Cieha was old enough to not have to constantly keep in contact with her family, and her boyfriend never said anything, even though he was the person she spent most of her time with. 

After a few days, a missing person report was filed. The last place Cieha was known to be was dropping off her boyfriend at his place, however, her family believes she never left his house that day. 

On February 9th, her boyfriend’s mother was driving some of his belongings to his house when she saw Cieha’s car parked on the side of the road by the train tracks. The two of them decided to call AAA to have the car unlocked to see what was inside. Inside the vehicle was Cieha’s phone, debit card, and diverse license. Cieha was known to have her phone on her at all times, so they found it unusual that she would have just left it behind. Her best friend even said her phone was her lifeline and that she would never just leave it somewhere.  

The Search


Cieha’s best friend went over to Canitha’s (Cieha’s mum) house, Canitha had already called the police department. When the police arrived they took an incident report, rather than a missing persons report, which made them feel confused but didn’t question it as they didn’t know what to think in this type of situation. 

Police search Cieha’s car as well as forensic testing on the vehicle for any clues/evidence. They were able to find some fingerprints while doing forensic tests but they were all from people who regularly were inside the car. 

Police suggested that Cieha had taken her own life, as she had suffered from depression in the past and had said somethings in the past about taking her own life. But her family and friends strongly disagreed and said Cieha had moved past that, and that at a point in her life where she was happy.

Police conducted a physical search that included her friends and family, in wooded areas and in the location where her car was found. Scent dogs and helicopters were used in the searches. Information about Cieha Taylor was put on road signs for people who were driving by. 

During the time of Cieha’s disappearance, it was the strawberry season (Plant City was known for its strawberries and during winter many people get their strawberries from here) and during the searches, the family saw a lot of people around, so found it odd that no one had seen anything. Police also looked a security camera footage in the area but found nothing that could help. 

On February 20, police did a traffic survey in the area and handed out over 500 flyers to people who are regularly in the area. However, no new leads came from this. 

20 days after Cieha’s disappearance her shoes were found, not far from where her car was found, next to a light pole that had her missing poster on it. Police, family, and friends have searched this area prior and these shoes were not there. The shoes found have been confirmed to be Cieha’s shoes. 

Taylor’s family received Cieha’s belongings back and when Canitha went through her daughter’s phone she found the last text message Cieha sent was to her boyfriend saying “so you are going to send your white supremacist friends to take care of me?” 

A case that could POSSIBLY be connected, is the disappearance of Veronica Reyes-Minjares which also happened in Plant City, Florida, Veronica was 23 years old when she went missing just a few weeks before Cieha Taylor on January 18th, 2020. The connections between the cases were that Veronica’s car was also found with her keys and wallet with cash inside her car. However, the difference was that Veronica’s phone was not in the car.  


Cieha Taylor’s and Veronica Reyes-Minjares’s families have both been frustrated with the police department and feel like they have been let down.

Cieha’s family were so frustrated with the slow investigation that in June 2020, they put together a protest right outside the Hillsborough County sheriff’s office. After the protest, the sheriff came out and said that they had a special project they were working on to hopefully help out in the case. This project was later released and it was a podcast called ‘Unfinished Business. The podcast includes other cases, Cieha Taylor’s case is the first episode and is only 12 minutes long. This podcast did not bring in any new leads to the case.

The police have not named any suspects they have in this case, however, Cieha’s family and friends believe her boyfriend has something to do with her disappearance. Police have not named Cieha’s boyfriend as a suspect. 

Contact Information


If you have any information on the disappearance of Cieha Taylor please call Hillsborough Co. Sheriffs Office  813-247-8200.

You can email the Taylor family at or send a message through the Facebook page if you have any information. 

The Taylor family is offering a reward of $6,550 for any information leading to the finding of Cieha Taylor. Her family has reached out to true crime YouTubers and podcasters to get Cieha’s name out there, if you have any way of reaching out to people who have a platform or you yourself have a platform please spread her name. 

The family has also set up a funding account on the cash app the username is $Findingcieha where they are taking donations for a private investigator for this case.  

Veronica Reyes-Minjares case:

Resources and Further Information

The family have set up an Instagram page 

Kendall Rae covers Cieha Taylor’s case and has the family and her best friend talk about the case

Unfinished Business podcast episode 1

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