Disappearance of Tammy Kingery


Name: Tamera Sue Russell Kingery, nickname Tammy
Age: 37 years old
Last seen: September 20, 2014
Location: North Augusta, South Carolina
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Tammy Kingery is a caucasian female with blonde hair and hazel eyes, she is 5’4 tall and weighs 125lbs.

She has a scar on her left wrist, and scars on both sides of her upper chest. She also has her ears pierced.

Tammy was last seen wearing a light-colored shirt and dark pants.



Tamera Kingery was born on April 13th, 1977 to parents Carolyn and Phillip Russel, in Northwest Indiana.

Tammy had finished a nursing degree in 2001 and was working as a nurse in a local branch of the NHC Healthcare nursing home.

She married her husband Park Kingery in September 1994, and the couple had three children. They moved to South Carolina and lived in a home they built in a wooded area of Edgefield County, North Augusta.


The morning of September 20th, 2014, Tammy Kingery left her home early to begin her 7 am shift at the NHC Healthcare nursing home.

Tammy’s co-worker recalls her being oddly agitated that day which was unusual. She had checked her blood pressure four times during her shift, and each time her results were high. She called her husband not too long after, who then came to pick her up and they went home.

Tammy’s husband left the house at 10 am, with the two of their three children to run some errands, while Tammy took a nap. When he came home, Tammy was nowhere to be found. However, he did find a note saying “Went for a walk, be back soon. Love you.”

Her phone was left at the house, as well as her purse, ID, keys, and wallet.

When Tammy did not return home, her husband Park, got concerned and drove to her workplace but she wasn’t there.

Park Kingery reported his wife Tammy missing at 2 am to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office.

The Search/Investigation

Searches around the family home were conducted by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, over the weekend. The searches included volunteers, rescue teams, search dogs, and helicopters. However, there was no sign of Tammy anywhere.


When searching, investigators found it odd that the house was locked when Park Kingery returned as Tammy’s keys were left at the house in her purse. Yet, the house’s main door could only be locked from the outside.

At the time of Tammy’s disappearance, she was suffering from moderate clinical depression and was taking medication for it. She began to suffer physical symptoms due to depression, she was constantly tired and wanted to stay in bed all day every day. She had also missed a few days off of work, which was really unlike her. Whenever Tammy would come home from work, she would just go to bed and sleep.

Her husband Park reported that she had tried to commit suicide, 2 weeks before she went missing, by taking medication while consuming alcohol.

Tammy’s sisters reported that she began having trouble with sleeping, she would wake up in the middle of the night sweating and shaking.  She would have to change her pajamas due to how much she would be drenched in sweat.

Tammy had a doctor’s appointment set for September 21st, 2014, the day after she disappeared, to talk about her depression and trouble sleeping.

The handwritten note that was left at the home, was confirmed to be written by Tammy herself, by the State Law Enforcement Division.

Authorities looked at Tammy’s cellphone records and found two sets of deleted messages described as “romantic” in nature. Two men were investigated and are not considered persons of interest in Tammy’s disappearance.

A $4,000 reward was offered by Park Kingery for any information leading to finding Tammy Kingery. However, the reward is no longer available and he filed bankruptcy a year later.

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Tamera Sue Russell Kingery please contact the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office at 803-637-5337 or 803-278-1625.Tammy-Kingery-missing-poster

Resources and Further Information


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