Elaine Park Missing


Name: Elaine Park
Age: 20 years old
Last seen: January 28, 2017
Location: Calabasas, California
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Elaine Park is an Asian female, Korean-American born on September 24th, 1996. Elaine has dark brown hair and brown eyes, she is 5’6 tall and weighs 125lbs. At the time of her disappearance, her hair was up to her waist and she had blonde tips.


Elaine has her ears and nose pierced, she has multiple tattoos: a dagger and flowers on her right arm, a rose on her left shoulder, and a cow skull and a moth on her left arm.

Elaine was last seen wearing a white sweatshirt/hoodie and denim shorts or possibly grey pants.

Background Information

Elaine Park was from Glendale, California, where she attended Crescendo Valley High School. She had a passion for art and acting. Elaine had dreams of being an actress and she had already been cast in small television shows. She also loved music, dancing, and writing poetry.

Elaine began dating her boyfriend in 2016, who was the son of a successful Hollywood businessman. It was described as an on-again-off-again relationship.


On Friday evening, January 27th Elaine drove to visit her boyfriend at his house in Calabasas, California. She arrived sometime between 7 pm and 8 pm.

He was the son of a prominent Hollywood businessman and they lived in a very tight-knit neighborhood. It was a gated entrance/exit, plates off of cars were read and most houses in the community had security cameras.

Friday 27th January 2017, Elaine Park goes to visit her boyfriend, they decided to get an uber to go see a movie at the cinema. They leave in an uber around 10:30 pm and the movie was at 10:45 pm. They then arrive back at his house in a uber around 1:30 am and she stays the night over. The family has released the home surveillance video showing this happening.

Elaine wasn’t answering her mum’s calls or text messages, she never came back home Saturday. Elaine’s mum has said they did have a bit of a rocky relationship, due to a divorce her parents were going through, but one of their biggest agreements was that if she went anywhere she would be to respond to her mother’s texts and phone calls. Elaine’s phone would sometimes ring 2 or 3 times and then other times it would just go straight to voicemail.

When Elaine’s mother realized she wasn’t responding to her messages this made her know something wasn’t right, enough so that she called the police and reported her missing to the Glendale Police Department. She also found it worrying as Elaine used her socials a lot but she wasn’t being active on any of them. However, police told her that based on Elaine’s age she was probably just ignoring her mother, and told her to wait a little bit. 4 days after Elaine was last seen, January 31st, her mother contacts the police again and a missing persons report is officially filed.

The Investigation

After the missing persons report was filed, Elaine Park’sboyfriend was questioned by the police. According to him, at around 4 am she woke up in what appeared to be a panic attack, she was shaking, singing, and acting very bizarre. He continued to say he tried to calm her down but she had gotten dressed and just left. He claimed she had left at some time between 6:01 – 6:05 am, which would have been 2 hours after she had abruptly woken up.

The boyfriend and his family gave police their security footage from their driveway as well as the footage from the gateway, where license plates were read.

In the surveillance video, Elaine is seen leaving at 6:05 am and get into her car, however, when you look at the footage from the entrance/exit gate, the time stamp on it said 7:14 am. The time between 6:05 am and 7:14 am is unaccounted for.

Elaine’s mother had said that the surveillance footage stops at 6:05 am after Elaine is seen driving away and then she is seen leaving again at 7:14 am. Police have said this could be that the time hadn’t changed so instead of 7:14 am it was meant to be 6:14 am. This would then leave a 9 minutes gap before her car’s license plate is read.

The road from her boyfriend’s house to the gateway entrance/exit is not that long of a drive (yellow line shows the direction from boyfriend’s house to gateway entrance/exit). In addition, although Elaine is seen leaving the house, due to the security footage from the gateway only reading the license plates, it is not known if she was alone or who was driving the vehicle.


5 days after Elaine disappeared, on February 2nd, her phone was pinged in Malibu which led police to the discovery of her 2015 Honda Civic, which was found abandoned on the side of 26000 block of Pacific Coast Highway, just South of Corral Canyon Road in Malibu, California. The location where her car was found was around a 20 minutes drive from her boyfriend’s house. Elaine-Park-car

The doors to her car were unlocked, the keys were still in the ignition, the lights were on, and the battery was dead. All of her personal belongings including her phone, backpack, laptop, and money were still inside of the vehicle. Her phone and laptop seemed to be placed perfectly and the money was exposed on the back seat.

Police began their search immediately, they brought bloodhounds, drones, dive teams, and all-terrain vehicles. They searched all of the ocean right off of the coast, as well as the mountains. However, nothing of Elaine’s was found.

Her car was sent to forensic examination, where they determined there was no sign of foul play. It had appeared she had left the vehicle of her free will.

According to Elaine’s mother, the place where she was last seen, which was her boyfriend’s house, was not searched nor was the surrounding area. He was quickly released because he was being cooperative with the authorities. Police have said that because he is not seen leaving the house after Elaine, there is no way he is involved or had anything to do with her disappearance.

A reward was put up for $500,000 until her 21st birthday, which was on September 24th, 2017. They believed the deadline would bring in tips. Yet, nothing new came in.


Elaine Park’s mother hired a private investigator, named Jayden Brant, who agrees with the mother that Elaine did not commit suicide or run away. She also asked if the case could be transferred from the Glendale Police Department to the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department because she felt like Glendale wasn’t properly handling the case. However, this request was denied.

The Glendale Police Department has said they have no reason or evidence to suggest that foul play is involved, however, Jayden Brant has said he has reasons to believe foul play which he presented to the Glendale Police, but yet again they responded saying they had gone through that information already and their end results is no foul play involved.

In contradiction to the police, right before Elaine was seen leaving, you see a car pull into the dead-end. This vehicle has still not been identified.


Theory 1: One of the theories is that Elaine Park committed suicide. This was because she was apparently struggling a lot at home. Her parents had gone through a divorce and Elaine’s relationship with her mother was rocky, her mother has said that she felt like she wasn’t there enough. Elaine had also been recently laid off from her job and the possible toxic relationship she had with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, could have been extremely overwhelming. Her mother has also said that Elaine did suffer from depression from time to time.

Theory 2: The boyfriend had something to do with Elaine’s disappearance. In the security footage, when they are leaving together to go to the uber and back, they aren’t even walking together, they are not talking to each other nor do they seem affectionate. This suggests there was a possible argument between them or some sort of current tension going on. However, police have spoken to the Uber drivers and they said nothing seemed odd and they seemed happy.

Many people believe he could have had something done to her due to his dad’s connections being a Hollywood businessman. The boyfriend’s story doesn’t really make sense either, he says she had woken up and put on some clothes and left however she is seen leaving 2 hours later.

The boyfriend’s house was never searched nor was the surrounding area, which was a large area of just land. Also, the fact that the footage stops at 6:05 am, right when Elaine is seen leaving, and then there is the 1 hour of time that is missing from the front gate.

Theory 3: When she left, she did go to Malibu to clear her mind because she was upset, someone noticed her car parked on the side of the road and possibly snatched her out of it.  When the car was found, the keys were still in the ignition, suggesting she maybe had pulled over and turned the car off to sit and think.

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Elaine Park please contact the Glendale Police Department at 818-548-3135 (case number: 17-1512) or the Elaine Park tipline at 1-800-551-3080.

State of California Department of Justice – Elaine Park case 



Resources and Further Information


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Elaine Park

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