Harold Butch Knight: Called 911 on Himself Then Disappeared


Name: Harold Butch Knight
Age: 66 years old
Last seen: 16th January 2015
Location: Allegan, Michigan
Status: Missing Fugitive


Physical Description of Harold Butch Knight

Harold Butch Knight looks like every older man in America, with no distinctive facial features. He was last seen wearing a camo suit and appearing black-dyed mustache.

Disappearance of Harold Butch Knight


Before Harold Butch Knight disappeared, the first sign that something was wrong is when, not only his wife noticed he started being abusive, but also her kids noticed it too.

Butch seemed like he had two personalities and he wasn’t very keen on supporting the family, but no one could predict what happened next.

After a great start, Harold Butch Knight’s relationship became rocky and dysfunctional and it was then on 13th January 2015 when Allegan County police received a 911 call from Harold Butch Knight, saying he strangled his wife and that he’s ready to leave the country.

He refused to give his name, but it seemed like Butch was very calculated and had his disappearance planned even before he made the call.

The police identified the caller as Butch only because his son identified him with the help of the audio recording and this was the last time anyone has heard from Harold Butch Knight before he contacted Sara’s family.

Finding of Harold Butch Knight’s Wife Sara


After receiving the call, police went to the address only to find Butch’s wife Sara dead on the floor, covered with a sheet.

It looked like Butch’s wife was dead for at least 2 days before the call and that was not the only thing that surprised the police.

What got police stunned is how calculated Butch was. Butch left the keys ready for the police, and he even went so far as to create a folder with family names and numbers so the police can easily find & contact the family.

Harold Butch Knight went so far that he even removed all belongings that were related to him from the house. He was probably trying to make it look like he never lived with Sara, but this only helped police narrow down on the Butch as the main suspect.

Butch confessed to killing his wife Sara on both the 911 call, but also in the note he sent to her family not long after he killed Sara. Butch said that he was involved in a drug-dealing business and Sara knew too much so he had to kill her.

Police don’t believe this and the family thinks Butch killed Sara only because she tried to leave him. Sara left Butch once and he worked hard to regain her trust but when in fact, he didn’t change. Sara’s family also believes that Butch was the type of person who would rather kill Sara than let her leave him for the second time.

The Search for Harold Butch Knight

Upon doing an investigation, police found out that on 10th January, a couple of days before the 911 call, Butch emptied the bank accounts.

By tracing the call, police came to the conclusion that Butch was already an hour and a half away from the house when he decided to make the 911 call.

The phone location at the time of the 911 call pinged at Ann Arbor, Michigan which was only a couple of hours from the Canadian border – but police had no other clues as to where Butch was heading to.


It was only a week later when Sara’s family received a package from Butch. The package contained $2,000 wrapped in newspaper and a note saying he sent the money so Sara can be cremated – as this was her wish.

The package had a post stamp from Maine but had no specific residential address so the investigators didn’t have any other clues to follow.

Upon doing further investigation, police found out that on 12th January, Butch purchased a specific-type of the gun including the special type of ammunition that can penetrate body armor. It was clear that Harold Butch Knight is on the run and is armed & dangerous.

Further investigation of Butch’s computer revealed prior to the murder, he was researching how to kill a person and different ways of hurting someone.

After that, weeks went by without any new information until 16th January when police spotted Harold Butch Knight on a CCTV in a local Walmart in Farmington, Maine, wearing a disguise and purchasing black hair dye.

Outside of Walmart, Butch was spotted abandoning his car and getting into someone else’s car before leaving. With the help of CCTV, the police were able to trace the car to a very rural area called Rangeley, Maine to the Town & Lake motel where Butch was dropped off.


This was a clear indication that Butch was still in the country and possibly had a helper who helped him stay undercover for so long, especially considering that Butch had a medical condition (diabetes).

The owner of the Town & Lake motel said how Butch seemed like a very friendly person as he was chatting with the owner. However, Butch clearly booked the room under the fake name.

This was the last time Butch was ever seen or heard from.

But it was only 4 months later when another bizarre thing happened. Someone logged into Sara’s Facebook account and liked one of the family’s photos. Even though the police don’t know for sure who it was – the family believes it was Butch.

The family believes Harold Butch Knight is keeping an eye on the family as it wouldn’t be the first time he was creeping through Sara’s Facebook.

This was the last clue and it has been 6 years since then without new sightings or clues.

However, police believe that Butch might be hiding in the Amish community as they’re happy to welcome an outsider who has found God in that way of life. It wouldn’t be a strange idea because people who knew Harold Butch Knight said that he was interested in the Amish community, he had Amish books, and he talked about the Amish lifestyle a couple of times.

Contact Information


If you have any information that could help locate the Harold Butch Knight and lead to his arrest – please call the Allegan County Sheriff Department: 269-673-0500.

However, be aware that Harold Butch Knight is considered armed and dangerous.

Resources and Further Information

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