Holly Piirainen


Name: Holly Kristen Piirainen
Age: 10 years old
Last seen: August 5, 1993
Location: Sturbridge, Massechussettes
Status: Found deceased



On August 5th, 1993, Holly and her brother had been visiting their grandparents in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. The two siblings had gone to the neighbor’s house to see some puppies. After seeing the puppies, her brother returned alone to the cottage their grandparents lived in, but Holly was nowhere to be found.


One of Holly’s shoes was found by the side of a road.

Multiple searches took place for two months until Holly Piirainen’s remains were found on October 23rd, 1993. The remains were found by hunters in Brimfield, Massachusetts, which was around a 13-minute drive from Sturbridge.


On January 3, 2012, Hampden County Attorney Mark Mastroianni announced that forensic evidence found near Holly Piirainen’s body had been linked to a man named David Pouliot, a suspect who died in 2003.

The evidence found has not been disclosed by authorities and the investigation is still ongoing. David Pouliot was known to frequently hunt and fish in the area where Holly’s remains were found.


Contact Information

If you have any information regarding Holly Piirainen’s case please contact the Massachusetts Anonymous Tip Line 413-426-3507.

Send a post to the address: P.O. Box 15327, Springfield, MA 01115-5327.

You can also fill out an online form.

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