Is Tyarra Williams Still Missing?


Name: Tyarra Cacique Williams
Age: 19 years old
Last seen: January 7th, 2016
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Status: Missing 


Physical Description

African-American female, brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5’5 and weighs 120lbs.  

Williams has her ears pierced and a piercing on her left nostril. Tyarra has a nickel-sized burn scar on her right wrist.

She was last seen wearing a pink shirt, a black North Face coat, dark blue Levis jeans, white Jordans sneakers with blue and green trim, and a royal blue knit cap. 

Background Information


Tyarra Williams was born June 18th, 1996, and lived with her mother Danielle and younger brother Kanon Williams in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Tyarra was known as a nurturing person, she was very close to her family in particular her mother, younger brother, and grandmother. After her parents divorced when she was around 7 years old she helped her mum take care of her brother. 

She had graduated from Dudley High School in 2014, and a few months later she enrolled herself at Guilford Technical Community College to take classes in an early childhood development program. She had always wanted to work with children as she loved them and when she was a junior in high school, she did a program where she worked with kids.

Doing this program in high school sparked her love for children and Tyrarra wanted to work with children who have disabilities. 

Danielle was a protective mum, she monitored Tyarra’s life and social media because she loved her and just wanted what’s best for her daughter but this ended up with Tyarra deciding to move out because she wanted her independence and they were starting to butt heads and argue.

It was not anything serious, she just decided to start living with her grandma. Tyarra moving out did not change their relationship; they were still always together but during the time of her disappearance she was living at her grandmother’s apartment. 



Tyarra did not start school in the Fall, she decided to wait until Winter after the holiday. 

On January 7th, 2016 around 7:30 am Tyarra was getting ready to go to her school to register and enroll in all her classes as well as getting her ID. She was so excited to start college. 

Later that evening she went to her mum’s house around 6 pm, they spoke about how her day went and spoke about college. Danielle says Tyarra seemed completely fine and everything was normal.

They agreed on going shopping for school the next day so she could get all her textbooks and other things she needed. Later on, Tyarra’s brother joined and they all helped take down the Christmas tree. Tyarra’s boyfriend Aaron Taylor also came to the house.

Then the three of them (Tyarra, Kanon, and Aaron) left her mum’s house and went back to her grandmother’s apartment to have dinner. 

After they had dinner the three of them went to the living room and were just hanging out on the couch, Tyarra was on her phone, while the boys were watching TV. According to her family, Tyarra was always on her phone. 

At 8:30 pm Tyarra got up and said she was going out to meet her friend named Travis and that she was gonna be gone for only about an hour. Neither of the boys knew a Travis in her life, so they found it a little odd but didn’t question her or say anything. 

The boys went to Aaron’s house to play video games while they waited for Tyarra to come back. It got to 9:30 pm and there was still no sign of Tyarra so Aaron decided to go to Tyarra’s grandma’s house and wait for her there. He calls and texts her but gets no reply, hours pass but he has still not heard back from Tyarra.

The following morning, around 7 am, there was still no sign of Tyarra. When her grandmother heard what happened she became extremely worried, she called Danielle and told her that Tyarra didn’t come home last night.

They both started calling Tyarra’s phone but it was just going to voicemail, Tyarra’s mum and grandma knew something was wrong as this was so unlike Tyarra and that she was always on her phone. Tyarra had left her purse which had her brand new ID inside, as well as her phone charger which she took everywhere with her, and this didn’t make sense to her mum.

Around 12:30 that day Danielle goes to meet with Aaron and questions him about not saying anything to Tyarra when she said she was going to meet a guy named Travis, that no one had heard of, but he said he just didn’t want to question her and didn’t really think anything of it.   

Danielle decided the best thing to do was to log into Tyarra’s Facebook account to hopefully see if there was anyone she was talking to or possibly planning on meeting up with.

When they looked up for Travis on her Facebook they found no one under her friends named Travis. However, they did find some messages she had with her ex-boyfriend, this made her mum think that maybe Travis was a cover-up name for her ex-boyfriend so that she didn’t tell Aaron that she was going to meet up with an ex-boyfriend.

The Search


Danielle then files a missing person report and police go to the last known place Tyarra was which was her grandmother’s house and search around and also question if anything was going on in her life or if there was any reason she would run away.

But everything was good with her family and she had plans to start college soon. 

The next day Tyarra’s family and friends spend the day putting up missing person flyers, telling people to be on the lookout for Tyarra and they also talk to people who live in the Stoneybrook apartment complex (where she and her grandma lived), but no one had seen Tyarra that day. 

3 days later, on January 11th, 2016, the police department moved the case to their crimes against the person department.

The only information that the police had to go off of was the name Travis, which Danielle told police she thought the name could be a cover-up for her ex-boyfriend. 

Not a lot of information is out about Tyarra’s ex-boyfriend, however, according to her family said that he was always the one to reach out to her, he was the one that was more interested in the relationship, and that Tyarra was trying to get him out of her life but he was always coming back.

Tyarra was the type of person to stay in a bad relationship because she always felt bad for the other person.

Police were able to determine that Tyarra’s phone last pinged in the apartment complex area before the battery died and was no longer traceable. 

Police decided to look into the ex-boyfriend and brought him in for questioning, he said that they hadn’t even been talking lately which police knew this was not true as they had Tyarra’s Facebook messages.

Police told him they had all of their messages, which he then decided to change his story and told police he wasn’t just talking to her but he had also seen her the night she went missing.

According to the ex-boyfriend they were texting and had met up around 8:30 pm for about 30 minutes just talking in his car and then around 9 pm she got out of his car and started walking back to the apartment complex. 

The police searched the ex-boyfriend’s car to see if they could find any clues, evidence, fingerprints, hair, or blood from Tyarra but this search came up with nothing and left police at a dead end.  

Police then began looking into Tyarra’s life deeper and found another boy she had dated named Trey and got in contact with him. Trey was cooperative and told police he had not been in contact with her in a while. They were able to clear Trey off of the suspect list.  

Going to the media was the next step in the case, they hoped they could reach out to the community to get some information.

This helped push Tyarra’s case to reach many people, there was a Facebook page created and a hotline that her grandfather had set up. When the hotline was set up, they received one phone call from a sanitation worker in a town about 17 miles (20 minutes) from Greensboro, the man told them he had seen a woman that looked like Tyarra in this area.

Additionally, another call also came in from a woman saying she saw someone that looked like Tyarra walking along Textile Drive in Greensboro. The family believes that these two phone calls could be related. Darryl, Tyarra’s grandfather, believes that someone is holding her hostage in the North Carolina area. 

Police got an anonymous tip from a caller saying that Tyarra’s body could be located in the tractor-trailer lot, which was across the street from the apartment complex. Police went and searched this tractor-trailer lot but nothing was found. 

On February 8th the police did another extensive search in the area, they tried to search the bodies of water but the water was frozen. Which meant they had to wait for the temperature to warm up to be able to search the waters. 

Then on February 20th, 2016, Tyarra’s ex-boyfriend Trey was found shot to death in his apartment which made police think that maybe this was somehow connected with Tyarra’s case. However, this theory was quickly ruled out because this case ended up being due to a roommate and a dispute they had had.  

A few months pass, in April Danielle, receives a message on the Facebook page. The message was sent by a waiter who worked at a waffle house in Jesup, Georgia.

The waiter said that they were confident that this was Tyarra Williams and that she had come into the restaurant several times per week with a group of other people but she didn’t look like she was part of the group and wasn’t enjoying herself.

Darryl drives to Jesup, Georgia hoping to find his granddaughter. He stayed in his car outside the waffle house for days but this person never showed up. The caller was persistent in saying this was Tyarra she saw and didn’t know why this girl stopped showing up.

Darryl believed the waiter and searched nearby hotels/motels and brought flyers with him asking staff if they had seen Tyarra. One of the managers of a hotel did recognize the girl in the picture of the flyer.

The manager said there was a man that always stayed in his hotel, who was clearly a pimp and always had a group of girls around him and was pretty certain that Tyarra was one of the girls. 

The manager ended up calling the police and they showed up at the hotel and caught this man with a group of girls, but none of them were Tyarra. The girl in the group that the waiter at the waffle house thought was Tyarra ended up just looking very similar to her. 

Many tips continued to come in of people saying they possibly saw Tyarra, this has made police believe that she was possibly put into the sex trafficking industry. Her grandfather Darryl made it his mission to find Tyarra, he drove all over the country, visiting strip clubs and other underground places where sex trafficking takes place as well as offering up $2000 of his own money as a reward. After searching for 2 months there was no sighting of Tyarra. 

In May 2016, the temperature started to warm up and the water had defrosted so police were able to do water searches however nothing was found. 

The family was starting to lose hope and decided to look more into Tyarra’s current boyfriend Aaron because they found it odd that he had just let her go that night without asking who Travis was or where she was going.

Her family also stated that Tyarra had said she and Aaron weren’t on the same page all the time and would sometimes argue. Others have said Tyarra had said that she was planning on ending things with Aaron but she didn’t know-how. 

Aaron said that he was shocked that they thought he had something to do with it and felt betrayed but understood why they might think that because he was the last person to see her that night. Aaron said that when Tyarra Williams went missing it was the lowest he had ever felt in his life and struggled with depression over missing her, he even at some points felt so angry he thought about taking his own life.

He regrets not asking more questions that night and police were able to rule Aaron out as a suspect. 

On June 13th, 2016, they received a tip from a family member who said she thought she saw Tyarra at a parking lot of a DMV in Greensboro. When she called out to her to try to make contact, the girl said she didn’t know who Tyarra was but that she would pray for her.

The family found this weird so they contacted police, who then looked through security cameras of the store and found the woman they mentioned but were certain that this was not Tyarra.  

Unfortunately over the years, tips have slowed down and police have no updates in the Tyarra Williams case. 

There were rumors of a psychic in Tyarra Williams’s case. Upon my research, I was able to find that Brian from did work on the case.

Contact Information

The family is offering a reward of $10,000 for any information that will lead to the finding of Tyarra Cacique Williams. 

If you have any information on the disappearance of Tyarra Williams please contact Greensboro Police Department 336-373-2222 or Crime Stoppers 336-373-1000. A hotline was set-up by her grandfather Darryl named Darryl’s Bail Bonding 336-987-0333. 

Danielle Williams still updates the Facebook page for her daughter hoping one day she will find Tyarra.

Resources and Further Information

Disappeared – season 9 episode 6 (The Vanishing Hour)


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