Jarrod Duke Johnston


Name: Jarrod Duke Johnston
Age: 18 years old
Last seen: July 7, 2007
Location: Yazoo City, Mississippi
Status: Missing



Physical Description

Jarrod Duke Johnston is a caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes. He is 5’11 and weighs 155lbs.

Jarrod has a large birthmark on his abdomen and his front tooth is capped. His hair tends to lighten in spots due to the sun and he has Native American heritage, so his skin is a slightly olive complexion and he tans easily.

Jarrod Johnston was last seen wearing blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a red ball cap.  He was carrying around a black duffle bag that has similar clothes inside. He was also carrying his guitar that was a walnut-colored Ibanez model in a black cloth/vinyl carrying case.  He was wearing a digital wristwatch with a black band that he may interchange with colored wristbands.


Background Information

Jarrod Duke Johnston was born on August 21, 1988, and lived in Franklin, Kentucky with his three siblings, father, and stepmother.

Jarrod is described as outgoing, spontaneous, and his friends and family said he has this infectious laugh. He loved music, especially his guitar which he played. He also had a love for theatre and poetry.

His family had moved from Yazoo City, Mississippi where his friends and girlfriend lived to Kentucky, where he was living at the time of his disappearance.

At the time of Jarrod’s disappearance, his family had received a letter from the commonwealth of Kentucky that said he had a full-ride scholarship to any state school because of his high grades and ACT scores.

Jarrod’s father Stephen Johnston had lost his 18-year-old sister when he was younger. She had gone to a concert with some friends for the weekend but never returned home. Her body was found a few months later. Stephen was worried about Jarrod and getting involved with the wrong crowd, especially when it came to drugs.


On June 4th, 2007, Jarrod and his family left their home in Franklin, Kentucky, and drove down to Yazoo City, Mississippi. His two siblings were staying at their grandmother’s for the summer break, while Jarrod told his family he was going to stay at a friend’s house.

On July 7th, 2007, the mother of Jarrod’s friend dropped Jarrod off back at his grandma’s house. Jarrod’s grandmother went over to the car and was told Jarrod didn’t make plans with them to stay over for the whole summer.

This created an argument between Jarrod and his grandma, as she did not want him staying at her residence due to Jarrod’s past. Jarrod had used drugs before and had been to rehab before his junior year, he had stolen pills from his grandmother in the past so she was worried as she had just undergone hip surgery and had pain killers.

After the argument, Jarrod left the residence at 3 pm, taking his black duffel bag, a backpack, his guitar in a black carrying case, and $20 cash. His stepsister tried to talk to him to calm him down and arrange to call his parents but he said to her not to worry and that he would take care of himself.

His grandmother called his mother to tell her what had happened. They decided he probably needed space and thought he would stay at his girlfriend’s house. According to his father, it was not uncommon for Jarrod to leave for a couple of days, to get space after an argument.  However, he always returned home. But this time was different, he never returned home.

After receiving a letter from the commonwealth of Kentucky about his ACT scores and scholarship, his family contacted his girlfriend to share the good news with him. However, this is when they found out he wasn’t staying at her house nor did she know he was even visiting Yazoo City.

Jarrod’s parents contacted his friends to see if they had seen him or heard from him, but no one had. The mother of Jarrod’s friend, who had dropped him off at his grandma’s residence told them she had seen Jarrod 15 hours later, walking on the side of the road in downtown Yazoo City. She thought when she would arrive home Jarrod would be there as he was walking in the direction of her house.

Three weeks later Jarrod was reported missing.

The Search

Jarrod Johnston left his wallet, which had his ID inside and social security code inside his girlfriend’s car back in January 2007, which he told her he would get when he came to visit her. At the time of his disappearance, he did not have his mobile phone with him.

A cousin of Jarrod told the family they had seen him at a mall parking lot in Jackson, Mississippi in December 2007 but lost sight of him when he briefly turned away.  However, at the time he was not aware that Jarrod was missing.

Another sighting was when Jarrod’s family went to the same mall with a picture of Jarrod, a jewelry store cashier who remembered seeing Jarrod when he had come into the store looking to buy an engagement ring, in December 2007. The cashier told them the card he was trying to pay with had been declined and had promised he would come back with another card, but never did. His family reported these sightings to the sheriff’s office.


Jarrod has been diagnosed with BiPolar disorder and at the time of his disappearance he had a three months supply of medication left, this was a concern to his mother as she was worried he would fall back into his old habits without his medication.

He also had a history of using the drug CCC, which caused hallucinations and caused him to have vivid dreams. His past drug also made him very paranoid.

A new administration had taken over and in March 2012, Jarrod’s stepmom found out the new investigator at the police department had no case file on Jarrod. They had either lost it, threw it out, or were not even put into the system. The new investigator wouldn’t have known of Jarrod’s disappearance if this stepmother did not contact him. The investigator started the investigation from scratch.

Jarrod Duke Johnston is still missing and has not been found or heard from.

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Jarrod Duke Johnston please contact the Yazoo County Sheriffs Office at 1-662-746-5611. Police Case Number: M-P07-09-644. You can also contact CUE Centre For Missing Persons at 910-343-1131, 24 Hour Tipline 910-232-1687.

Resources and Further Information

Jarrod Johnston’s Facebook page has been inactive for years however you can still find information and his missing persons poster




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