Jason Landry Missing


Name: Jason David Landry
Age: 21 years old
Last seen: December 13, 2020
Location: Luling, Texas
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Jason Landry is a caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes, he is 6’1 tall and weighs 170lbs.

He usually wears eyeglasses, but at the time of his disappearance he was not wearing them, he is presumed to be wearing his contacts.

Jason has acne scars on his face, a scar on his left ankle, and a scar on the right side of his neck.



Jason David Landry was born July 29th, 1999, to parents Kent and Lisa Landry, and they lived in Missouri City, Texas.

When Jason graduated from high school he attended regular university but transferred to the University of Texas in San Marcus, Texas. It was his first year at the University of Texas, at the time of his disappearance, he was working towards being accepted into the University Sound Recording Technology program.


He grew up with an extremely loving family, that included two older siblings  (a brother and sister), and his parents. His father Kent, was an attorney until he retired and became a pastor at South Minister Presbyterian Church in Missouri City, Texas.


On December 13th, 2020, at 10:55 pm, Jason Landry left his San Marcus apartment, he was a student at the Texas State University and was heading home to Missouri City, Texas, for winter break to spend Christmas with his family.

At 12:31 am, Jason’s Nissan Altima was found crashed and abandoned in the 2300 block of Salt Flat Road, near Luling, 37 minutes from Texas State University. The keys were still in the ignition, the lights of the car were on, and the passenger side door was locked. The car was found by a volunteer fireman, who was walking through the area at night and immediately contacted authorities who then came to the scene.

Salt Flat Road is a back road, it is a gravel street road that has no lights, no buildings, and no signs around, meaning it would be extremely easy to get lost on this road, especially at night.


Investigators believe Jason was involved in a single-car collision that was likely caused by correcting on a gravel road. They believe his car then spun off the road hitting a couple of trees and a barbed-wire fence.

Jason’s father received a phone call from authorities at 2 am saying they had found Jason’s car but Jason was nowhere to be seen. Kent said, “that’s the call that every parent fears.” After receiving the call, Kent drove 3 hours to Salt Flat Road where he met authorities but the vehicle had already been impounded by the Texas DPS troopers. Kent, then drove to the impounding lot, as he wanted to see Jason’s caf himself.

Before the vehicle was impounded, authorities looked through Jason’s car and found his backpack, wallet, some toiletries, and his tumbler.

There have been some inaccurate reports from the media saying Jason’s backpack was filled with narcotics, which is false. What was found in his backpack was multiple different marijuana joints. According to the sheriff’s office the press release they came forward to say “any reports stating that the backpack was filled with narcotics is inaccurate. The small amount of marijuana has been ceased and is being held.”  


Jason’s father Kent has also said “nothing could be more hurtful to Jason or his character, Jason was a typical college student who was home to see friends and family and we’re still waiting. I have been given Jason’s backpack and I can tell you what was it was filled with his laptop, his contact lenses, some toiletries, and all of his PlayStation gaming gear. Jason had already made plans to meet with friends online and play some games together over the break. Jason’s backpack had those personal items and his PlayStation controllers, headset, and accessories.”

 When Kent went to the towing lot he went through and searched Jason’s car himself. In the car, he found Jason’s cellphone between the driver’s seat and the center console. Kent quoted “I got there at 5 am and I was the only person looking for him. I got to his phone at 7 am, then driving down a dirt road, looking for my son, I could see clothes, I realized I could tell that they were his clothes because of his socks, he wears funny socks.”  The clothing was found around 900 feet from where the car was found.


The clothing found included, a t-shirt, shorts, underwear socks, and a wristwatch. Investigators believe these items of clothing were what Jason was wearing that night, they found no signs on the clothes that they were forcibly removed.


Timeline from cellphone

Dec 13, 10:55 pm: Jason left his apartment in San Marcus to go home, in Missouri City.

Dec 13, 11:05 pm: Jason was driving on Highway 80 entering Cadwell County.

Dec 13, 11:07 pm: He continued to drive south on Highway 80, entering Cadwell County.

Dec 13, 11:11 pm: Jason was in Martindale, Texas, continuing south on Highway 80.

Dec 13, 11:15 pm: He passes over SH130 on Highway 80.

Dec 13, 11:24 pm: Jason enters the City of Luling on Highway 80. He stopped using the Waze app and began using Snapchat. On East Austin Street, his digital footprint stops. Shortly after, he crashed on Salt Flat Road.

Dec 14, 12:31 am: Jason’s crashed and abandoned car was found in 2300 block of Salt Flat Road.


The Search/Investigation

Authorities used Jason’s phone to track his route. They are still trying to piece together what happened in the 67 minute period between when his digital footprint stopped and when his car was found. During the 67 minute window, Jason’s phone was turned on and it had service.


The vehicle was sent for forensic testing, to see whether there was any third person’s DNA or blood evidence, but nothing significant was found. A very small amount of blood was found on his clothing, but it wasn’t enough for investigators to believe it was from serious injury.

Searches of the area of the crash site have been conducted with volunteers, search dogs, horses, and drones; a nearby pond was drained yet because one of the search dogs traced Jason’s scent at the pond, nothing was found. Thye also looked through surveillance footage of Luling to see if anyone was possibly chasing Jason or if the car was acting erratically, but nothing was found.


Investigators found a video of Jason on the day before he disappeared, he was wearing the same red t-shirt, which was discovered at the scene.



Theory 1: Jason took a wrong turn onto Salt Flat Road, got lost, and ended up hitting a tree. He got out of the car to go look for help.

Theory 2: A drug deal went wrong. He could have met up with the wrong people and it went wrong.

Theory 3: He could have run into something/someone and saw something he wasn’t supposed to. They made him strip off his clothing before abducting him.

Theory 4: Human trafficking, he was targetted or possibly followed.

Thoery 5: After the accident, he was disorientated and couldn’t find his phone so he decided to go outside to look for help, wandered off too far, and go lost.

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Jason David Landry please contact the Cadwell County Sheriff’s Office at 512-398-6777 or you can contact the anonymous tip line at 726-777-1359.


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