Katelin Akens: Missed flight, dumped luggage, and strange texts


Name: Katelin Akens
Missing Age: 19 years old
Last seen: December 5, 2015
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Katelin Akens is a Caucasian female with blonde hair and blue eyes, she is 5’4 tall and weighs 120lbs.


She has a tattoo of butterflies on her left forearm and a tattoo of three red stars bursting on the top of her foot. Her nose, navel, and the ride side of her lip are pierced.




Her loved ones say she could be wearing a dark gray fleece pullover sweater with a Bass Pro Shop emblem on it, as well as pink and grey Vans shoes.


Katelin Akens was described as always being unique and was someone who could make you laugh, her mother described her knowing to being emotional as she would cry a lot and very easily.

Like every teenager, Katelin was always attached to her phone. Katelin went from boyfriend to boyfriend to a girlfriend named Amber, who became her fiance.

Katelin moved across the country from Virginia to Arizona to be with her fiance Amber and to start a new life together.

Katelin’s sister Gabby had a baby boy, which made Katelin come back home in December 2015, to visit her friends and family which she was very excited about.

However, she only stayed in her hometown from the 1st December to the 5th December, as she had to start cosmetology school on the 7th December.


Katelin Akens was supposed to leave Virginia on December 5th, 2015 around 5:40 pm. Katelin’s mother Lisa could not drive her to the airport as she had work, so the last resort was asking her ex-husband to take Katelin.

According to close friends, Katelin’s relationship with her stepfather was not great, she told her friend that he would verbally abuse her and that she did not trust him.

On December 5, 2015, at 5:40 pm, Lisa dropped Katelin off at her stepfather’s house.

At 1:52 pm, Lisa’s ex-husband says Katelin asked to be dropped off at the Springfield Mall Metro Station, 2 stops from Reagan airport in DC. 8 minutes after Lisa’s ex-husband dropped Katelin off, Lisa receives a text message from Katelin which said “I’m at the airport. Battery dying so won’t be able to text for a bit”.

Lisa then learned that Katelin sent her fiance a text message at 11:56 am which said “something came up. I’m not coming back today. I’ll let you know when I get a new flight. I won’t be able to text for a bit”.

Two hours later, at 7:15 pm, Katelin texts her mum saying “I’m staying with a friend. I need some time alone”. This was the last text message Katelin sent.

Two days after Katelin Akens disappeared a carry-on suitcase is discovered in the woods of a rural road 44 miles away.  Katelin’s clothes, phone, and high school diploma were missing from the suitcase. Everything else was still inside, including her wallet and plane ticket.



Police examine location records from Katelin and her ex-stepfather’s cellphones, which tell a very different story to what the ex-stepfather was saying and the text messages.


At 1:56 pm, Katelin texted her mum saying she was at the airport, but at that exact time, Katelin’s phone pinged more than 30 miles from the Springfield metro stop. At 2 pm when Lisa’s ex messaged her that he had dropped Katelin off, his cellphone pinged close to his home.

Katelin’s final text to her mother saying she wanted to be alone, police say her cellphone pinged off a cell tower in Stafford, less than 15 miles from where her luggage was discovered.

Lisa’s ex-husband told her he had work that Saturday at 3 pm, but he did not show up for work at all that day. As he was a person of interest to police, they searched his vehicle, computer, and cellphone but were unable to find anything. However, he has refused to give his phone passcode so police are unable to unlock and search his phone.

He agreed to take a polygraph test, but on the day of he called the police and told them he no longer wanted to take it as “it would not help him”.

Another theory of ploce is that Katelin Akens could have run away.

The day before Katlin disappeared, she had told her close friend that she had partied hard with a female friend from high school, and that friend’s boyfriend. She said they had been drinking together and then they forced themselves onto her, she confessed that the party quickly got out of bounds.

The text message she sent to her friend said “her boyfriend got me really really really drunk and then she kissed me and then he kissed me”  “…they did everything to me and each other…”.

The next morning Katelin was feeling extremely guilty about what happened as she felt like she had cheated on her fiance. Her final few text messages to her close friend included “I don’t know how to feel or anything. I’ve been depressed and crying all day”

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Katelin Akens please contact the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office at 540-582-7115 or the Spotsylvania Crime Stoppers at 800-928-5822.


Resources and Further Information


Investigation Discovery: Disappeared – Season 8 Episode 7 “Flight Risk”







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