Kayla Berg


Name: Kayla May Berg
Age: 15 years old
Last seen: August 11, 2009
Location: Antigo, Wisconsin
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Kayla Berg is a caucasian female with brown hair and brown eyes, she is 5’2 tall and weighs 108 lbs.


She has a scar on her right shin and small chicken pox scars on her right cheek and the right side of her nose. She has abdominal scars from laparoscopic surgery, and her appendix has been removed. Her navel is pierced and her ears are double-pierced. Her nickname is Kay Kay.

Kayla was last seen wearing a red spaghetti-strap top, a dark blue hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, tan low-heeled sandals, and a silver ringed necklace.


Kayla Berg was described as a positive and uplifting person, despite going through her parents separating when she was a toddler and her father being diagnosed with cancer.

Kayla was a smart and social teenager, she was on her school’s gymnastics team. As she grew into a teenager she began experimenting by going to parties with older people, which included alcohol and drugs such as marijuana, and she was dating an older guy named Miguel.

Her mother began to notice some of the things that were going on and saw Kayla going down a dangerous path. At the same time, Kayla’s mum was struggling to get a job so she had an idea of moving to Texas where her family was. However, she didn’t want Kayla or her brother, who was 18-19 years old,  to feel like they had to go.

Kayla wanted decided to move to Texas with her mum. At first, the move was incredibly exciting for Kayla as she had the opportunity to make new friends and was happy to be in a new area, as the town she lived in in Wisconsin was a small town.


However, Kayla found out the school she was meant to begin attending didn’t have a gymnastics team which crushed her as it was something she always had and loved. Kayla’s mum was also struggling with finding a job so they both decided to move back to Antigo, Wisconsin.


Kayla  Berg disappeared 2 weeks before her 16th birthday. She was last seen on August 11th, 2009 in Antigo, Washington.

August 11th, 2009 was like any other day, Kayla met up with a friend, they went to the park and then went back to her friend’s house where Kayla’s brother and his friend was there as well as a 24-year-old named Kevin Kielcheski, so they all hung out together.

Kayla’s friend had to go to work so Kayla decided to stay there and hang out with her brother and his friends. Kevin and Kayla made plans to hang out together later that night.

Kayla ended up going back home a little after and then around 8:40 pm Kayla called Kevin to pick her up and around 8:45 pm she was picked up by 24-year-old Kevin Kielcheski. Just before leaving she told her dad that Kevin was taking her to a friend’s house.

The next morning Kayla’s dad realized that she did not come home last night.

The night of Kayla Berg’s disappearance, Kayla and Kevin went to the McDonald’s in Antigo where Kayla told a friend who worked there that she planned on riding around in his car for a while and smoke marijuana, and then she would go and stay at a friends house. Kayla promised her friend that she was going to call her at the end of the night. But this phone call never came in.

Kevin was questioned by police and told them he dropped her off at a house she said belonged to her boyfriend, Miguel around 10-10:30 pm. However, Miguel told authorities he did not see Kayla that night.

Kevin gave authorities the address to the house he dropped Kayla off at, but the address was of a condemned home.

Kevin said that when he dropped Kayla off at this address, he didn’t see any lights on at the home and that he didn’t see her go inside. Kevin’s parents confirmed that he returned home that night around midnight.



She was missing for a week before police were notified due to confusion and miscommunication as to her whereabouts. Her parents were calling friends to find out her whereabouts and would hear pieces of information suggesting Kayla was safe.

Miguel’s phone showed no indication of any sort of communication with Kayla the day of her disappearance. Authorities searched Miguel’s home as well as the address Kevin gave police, however, there was no sign of Kayla.

A month after Kayla Berg’s disappearance, Kevin was charged with reckless endangerment for providing Kayla with marijuana and for dropping her off at an abandoned house that night. However, these charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Authorities used luminal spray on both Miguel’s and Kevin’s vehicles, and in both cars, spots lit up. The spots were sent off for testing but they were unable to find the origin of these spots. Cadaver dogs were then brought in to check out both cars, and the dog hit on Kevin’s car.

Kevin’s cellphone records showed 2 calls from Kayla that day, but around the time Kayla was dropped off, his phone was then turned off till 2 am.

In 2011, authorities conducted multiple searches with cadaver dogs, and they were able to get a few hits. One hit was on Kevin’s family property and the other hit was where Kevin worked.

Kayla Berg Video

Around 2 months after Kayla Berh went missing, a video had been posted on youtube, known as the “Hi Walter” video, however, authorities began looking into it around 2016.


After investigating this video, the video is not linked to Kayla Berg’s disappearance. It was a film made by amateur filmmakers.

Contact Information

If you have any information that could help find Kayla May Berg, please call the Antigo, Wisconsin Police Department at 715-627-6411. There is also an Anonymous tipline: 715-627- NAIL (6245)


Resources and Further Information



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Kayla May Berg



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