Kenneka Jenkins Case – Body Found in Hotel Freezer


Name: Kenneka Jenkins
Age:  19 years old
Found: September 10, 2017
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois
Status: Unsolved Case



Kenneka Jenkins was born on September 15th, 1998 to her mother Teresa Martin. She attended Voise Academy High Schoolin 2017 she got a job in a nursing home.


On September 8th, 2017, Kenneka attended a party at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosemont, Illinois. However, Kenneka didn’t tell her mother she was attending this party. Instead, she told her that she was going bowling and to watch a movie with her friends, to celebrate Kenneka getting this new nursing home job.

Kenneka and her friends left Kenneka’s house around 11:30 pm on September 8th, 2017, taking Kenneka’s mum’s car. Their plan was to drive to the party and then drive back home. While on their way to the party, they decided to make a quick pit stop to grab a couple of items: Bluetooth speaker, alcohol, marijuana, and some energy, for that night.

Kenneka Jenkins and her friends are then seen entering the side entrance of Crowne Plaza Hotel around 1:13 am.

At 1:30 am, Kenneka had sent a text message to her sister. This was the last time Kenneka had any contact with her family,

The party she was attending was being held on the 9th floor, in room 927, people who attended the party said there were about 30-40 people at the party. People who attended the party said Kenneka was drinking a pretty heavy amount that night but was not smoking or taking any drugs.

Throughout the night there were multiple stories being posted on social media that Kenneka was involved in.

Around 3 am, the girls decide they want to call it a night, so Kenneka and her friends leave the party and head to the elevator. When they reach the elevator, Kenneka tells her friends she left her cellphone and car keys back at the party. The group decides to all go back to room 927, while Kenneka waits by the elevator.

The girls were gone for about 15-20 minutes, however, when they arrived back at the elevator Kenneka Jenkins was gone. The girls are then seen on surveillance looking for Kenneka.

Unable to find Kenneka Jenkins, at 4:02 am the girls decide to call Kenneka’s mother Teresa, as they thought there was a possibility Kenneka went down to the reception and asked for a cab home. However, Teresa tells them Kenneka hadn’t come home. The girls continue their search and go up to the reception and talk to the receptionist.

After looking around the parking lot to see if Kenneka possibly stumbled back to the car, they then make their way down to the lower level of the hotel. They search the lower level but don’t find Kenneka, so they go back upstairs to the main lobby and head back to Kenneka’s house.


When the girls arrived back at Kenneka’s house, they inform Teresa that they went to this party and that couldn’t find Kenneka. Teresa then decides to go to the hotel herself to search for Kenneka.

When Teresa arrived at the hotel she goes up to the reception to inform them about the situation and asked them to take a look at the surveillance footage. Teresa said she felt dismissed by the receptionist as she told Teresa she couldn’t show her the surveillance footage because it is police matters and that Teresa would have to file a missing persons report first.

Teresa decided to go look around the hotel herself however at 7:15 am she realized she needed to file a missing persons report for Kenneka Jenkins.

Similar to how Teresa felt after talking to the receptionist, she also felt very dismissed by the 911 operator. She explained the story to the 911 operator and was told Kenneka was probably off sleeping off the alcohol somewhere, to give it a couple of hours, and to call back if Kenneka doesn’t show up within 24 hours.

12 hours after Teresa tried to file a missing persons report, at 8:30 pm, the authorities arrived at the Crown Plaza Hotel, but not to search for Kenneka, it was because the hotel staff had called the authorities on Kenneka’s family because all throughout the day they had been searching for Kenneka, which had been disturbing the other guests.

In the early hours of September 10th, 2017, the assistant food and beverage manager is seen on surveillance walking into the second kitchen on the lower level. They are seen walking into the walk-in freezer, where he discovered Kenneka Jenkins’ body lying on the floor of the freezer.

After discovering Kenneka’s body he immediately called authorities, who arrived shortly after at the scene. When Kenneka’s autopsy was conducted there were only two injuries found: one being an abrasion to the ankle because one of her shoes was found off of her foot, and the second injury was a contusion on her right leg. Her cause of death was determined to be “hyperthermia due to cold exposure and a freezer with ethanol and topiramate intoxication a significant contributory conditions” and the manner of death was ruled an “accident”.

A toxicology report was also conducted which came back saying that in Kenneka’s system there was caffeine, alcohol, and a trace of a drug known as topiramate.

After Kenneka’s body was discovered, authorities decided to look into the hotel surveillance. Kenneka was seen going down to the lower level by herself. She is seen stumbling across the halls and holding herself on the walls to hold her balance. She is then seen walking into the second kitchen and her shadow is seen entering the walk-in freezer and isn’t seen coming back out.


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