Paige Birgfeld


Name: Paige Birgfeld
Age: 34 years old
Last seen: June 28, 2007
Location: Grand Junction, Colorado
Status: Found deceased



Paige’s parents described her as an extremely friendly person who would greet you with a big smile. She was a loving, devoted person and a great friend who would reach out to anyone.

Her best friend described her as a soccer mom, with 3 kids and her brother described her as an outgoing person and a perfect mom.

Paige worked many jobs to provide for her kids, although she worked different jobs she was always there for her children as they were the most important thing in her life.


On Thursday 28th June 2007, Paige Birgfeld left her home in Grand Junction, with her line-in nanny Carol Linderholm looking after her children. She had told the nanny she would return home later that evening.

Paige had met up with her ex-husband that afternoon a few hours away and called him on her way back home around 9 pm that evening. Paige was only a few miles away from her home when this phone call was made. This was the last time Paige was heard from.

When Carol tried to call Paige, she didn’t respond, so Carol assumed Paige was just busy and would hear from her later. However, when evening came, Paige didn’t return home nor was she in touch with anyone which was extremely odd.

Paige’s daughter was calling her in the evening but she received no answer. Carol immediately had a feeling something was wrong as Paige would always let her children know when she was on her way home as they were her priority in life.

After not hearing from her mom for 2 days, 8-year-old Jessie went to the Sheriff’s Office with the nanny Carol to report Paige Birgfeld missing.

On June 30th, Paige’s father received a phone call saying his daughter was missing. He immediately packed an overnight bag and made his way to Colorado.

July 1st, 2007, around 10 pm a 911 call was made about a car being on fire in the SMS Walker building parking lot. When officers arrived they identified the car as belonging to Paige Birgfeld a 2005 red Ford sedan, however, there was no sign of Paige.  The vehicle was found less than 5 miles from Paige’s home.

When the fire was put out, investigators found no license plate on the vehicle. When the VIN was checked, it was then determined that the car was registered to Paige Dixon.




Investigators brought a woman who was the same height as Paige to sit in the driver’s side, this allowed them to see that the car seat had been moved as the woman couldn’t even reach the pedals. Whoever was last to be driving the vehicle had to be tall.

Investigators also found in the car Paige’s day planner which she used every day to schedule her days. June 26th, 27th, 28th, and 29th had been torn out of the planner. These specific dates were when Paige went missing, investigators knew that whoever was involved in Paige’s disappearance had ripped those specific dates out as they would have disclosed who she was meeting with.

The community gathered together to search for Paige Birgfeld, on horseback, foot, ATVs.


During the searches, they found some of Paige’s belongings, such as her checkbook and driver’s license, along Highway 50, just south of Grand Junction. Investigators traced Paige’s phone activity and found a man named Lester Jones had called her three times the day she went missing. After being questioned, investigators found no proof of involvement in Paige’s disappearance.

Remains Found

On March 6th, 2012 skeletal remains were found by a hiker near the Mesa County line. The remains were confirmed to belong to Paige Birgfeld. Although her cause of death could not be determined, her cheekbone was badly fractured.

Investigators have not revealed what happened between the time of Paige’s last phone call and when her remains were found.



In November 2014, Lester Jones was officially charged with her murder. December 2016 Lester was sent to a second trial, due to the first one resulting in a hung jury.

Lester was a client of Paige’s when she ran an escort service and was a suspect at the beginning of the case due to phone calls connecting them.


Lester Jones received a life sentence for the murder and kidnapping of Paige Bigerfeld. He received a life sentence for the murder and a 12-year sentence for kidnapping, these sentences will be run concurrently.

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