Prisma Reyes


Name: Prisma Denisse Peralta  Reyes
Age: 26 years old
Last seen: April 17, 2019
Location: Dallas, Texas
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Prisma Reyes is a Hispanic/Latino female with brown hair and brown eyes, she is 5’2 tall and weighs 135lbs.


She was last seen wearing a red polo shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers.


Prisma Reyes was born in Veracruz, Mexico to her mother Lilia Peralta and father, who passed away when Prisma was younger in a car accident. 

When Prisma was around 4 years old, her mother remarried and they all moved to Texas. After graduation, she joined the national guard and was a private first-class rank.  

Prisma Reyes
After returning from the national guard, she began studying to become a paralegal.
In 2012, while attending school, Prisma became pregnant with a baby boy with her current boyfriend Arturo. However, the pair’s relationship was not so good, they were known to fight a lot and had a rocky relationship.  When Prisma was 6 months pregnant Arturo kicked her out of his apartment.
Prisma gave birth to a baby boy named Dominic, who she loved and wanted to give the best life to. Arturo wasn’t really known to be in Dominic’s life.
In 2016, Prisma began dating a man named Ryan. Their relationship was very unstable, and it also seemed as though he was abusive towards Prisma.
Within one year of dating, police were called on them on a domestic violence incident. Ryan was charged with assault and the two split up.
Three years later, in February 2019, Prisma and Ryan began talking again and were trying to rekindle their relationship.
As Prisma was working two jobs, one as a paralegal and the other at a car dealership, she decided to hire a babysitter to help look after Dominic. The babysitter was a close friend of Prisma’s.


On Wednesday 17th April 2019, Prisma Reyes left her job at a car dealership to go out for lunch. She went to meet her ex-boyfriend and they had lunch together at the E Bar Tex Mex restaurant, located on North Haskell Avenue.

While the pair were at the restaurant they got into an argument and the ex-boyfriend left. Prisma then called her babysitter, telling them that she’d be picking up her son at 7:30 pm. Prisma and the babysitter were on the phone for an hour talking about work and what time she’d be picking up Dominic. However, Prisma’s family find this odd as the two would usually speak on the phone for a short time and wondered why it would take an hour to discuss work and a pickup time.

She stayed at the restaurant for another three hours drinking by herself, until the bartender stopped serving her and had to cut her off due to some time of verbal disturbance.


Prisma was asked to leave the restaurant and was then involved in a verbal road rage incident nearby. Three witnesses told police that the woman had pulled a gun on them.

Police were called to the scene, but when police arrived Prisma had already left. Authorities spoke to the other driver involved, and don’t believe the incident is related to her disappearance.

Prisma ended up driving to The Olympus at Ross Apartments in Dallas where her ex-boyfriend lived. She was captured on surveillance footage entering the parking garage.


The surveillance footage shows Prisma talking on her phone and getting into the elevator. A resident in the apartments revealed to police that she was crying.

Police later identified and spoke to the person she was on the phone with, but they did not have any information about her whereabouts.

Authorities state her ex-boyfriend was not home when she arrived. Prisma Reyes was never seen leaving the apartment building, however, not all exits have security cameras.

Later when Prisma didn’t arrive to pick up her son from the babysitter in Old East Dallas at 7:30 pm, as she said she would, they became concerned. The babysitter reported her missing at 9:30 pm. Prima’s family was not aware of her disappearance until they were informed by the police.

The following day Prisma’s jeep was found abandoned outside the apartment complex where she was last seen on surveillance. It was blocking the intersection near the apartment gate as if her visit was intended as a quick stop.


Contact Information

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Prisma Reyes please contact the Mesquite Police Department at 972-285-6336.


Resources and Further Information

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