What Happened to Ray Gricar? 3 Possible Theories


Name: Ray Gricar
Age: 60 years old
Last seen: 15th April 2005
Location: Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Status: Still missing (declared dead)


Physical Description

Ray Frank Gricar is 6’0 tall and weighs about 170 pounds. Ray has brown (graying) hair and green eyes, and he was last seen wearing a blue fleece jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes.

Ray Gricar also owns a red & white Mini Cooper which was pretty unique and easy to spot back in 2005.

Disappearance of Ray Gracar

Ray Gricar was a district attorney for almost 20 years for Center County, Pennsylvania and on his day off on 15th April 2005, Ray called his girlfriend to let her know he’s going for a ride.

It wasn’t unusual for Ray to take his car for a ride as he really loved the Mini Cooper he had at the time. Ray mentioned that he was on Route 192 in Penns Valley.


However, this was the last time anyone heard from Ray Gricar as he never returned back home from the ride.

It was only later in the evening when Ray’s girlfriend got worried and have reported him missing. Ray Gricar’s disappearance is a true mystery that has quite a few theories of what could’ve happened.

The Search for Ray Gracar

The search for Ray Gricar, the district attorney started immediately and it was quite a success as they were able to locate Ray’s car and his belongings the next day.

On 16th April, investigators found Gricar’s red & white Mini Cooper in a parking lot in the antique store in Lewisburg. Inside the car, they only found a work cellphone, but no laptop, keys, or a wallet.

While it didn’t seem there was foul play involved, the family got really concerned because of the similarities in Ray Gricar’s disappearance and the disappearance of Ray’s brother Roy who committed suicide back in 1996 after leaving his car very close to the bridge over the Susquehanna River.

This led the authorities to search the Susquehanna River but they found no signs of Ray. Investigators also used a sniffer dog around Ray’s car which suggested that Ray got into another car as his scent was lost very close to his own vehicle.

Investigators also looked into Ray’s financial background and cell phone records, but they didn’t find anything helpful. The only clue investigators found on Ray’s home computer is that Ray was searching for terms such as how to destroy a hard disk.

The case went cold pretty quickly after that and it was only until 30th July when fishermen discovered a laptop in the Susquehanna River, right beneath the bridge. The laptop belonged to Ray Gricar and it was the county-issued laptop Ray used for work.


However, the laptop was missing the hard drive. This really gave the family hope as they knew that Ray searched how to destroy a hard drive right before his disappearance. It was two months later when someone recovered a hard disk from the Susquehanna River which was very close to the location where the fisherman found Ray’s laptop.

The hard disk could potentially give more clues as to where Ray is. Even though investigators were able to confirm that it looks like it’s the hard drive from Ray’s laptop, unfortunately, the hard disk was damaged and investigators failed to recover any data.

Other than that, investigators didn’t have any other clues and the whole case quickly went cold with no new updates on Ray Gricar’s disappearance.

In July 2011, Ray’s daughter declared Ray Gricar legally dead.


The most interesting thing about this case is there isn’t much information to go about. And information that’s known just makes Ray’s disappearance even more mysterious with a number of theories in the air.

Many believe that Ray Gricar’s disappearance might be a suicide because of the similarities in how Ray’s brother decided to end his life 9 years prior to Ray’s disappearance.

However, the second theory is related to Ray’s work as he was the district attorney and that foul play was involved. Not only Ray was often dealing with police operations who were busting heroin dealing rings,  but Ray also declined to prosecute Sandusky for alleged child sexual abuse. On top of that, just over a year before Ray’s disappearance, another attorney, Jonathan Luna was found dead in Lancaster County.


In 2013, a member of a motorcycle club Hell’s Angel told police that Ray Gricar was murdered because Ray prosecuted a case against a guy who ended up getting a long prison sentence. He even admitted to ordering the killing of Ray, and he even said that he knows where Ray’s body is – but he is not giving any information until he makes a deal for a shorter sentence. His confessions didn’t seem to be true and even Ray’s family didn’t find it believable.

The third theory is that Ray Frank Gricar planned his disappearance and that he went on to start a new life somewhere else.

However, I can agree that Ray Gricar’s disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries that has left everyone with so many unanswered questions. While the suicide theory might make sense, it is hard to believe that Ray’s body wasn’t found to this day.

The second theory of foul play definitely makes more sense, but it’s hard to believe that Ray learned how to damage and destroy a hard disk, goes out to do that, and then something happened to him shortly after that.

The last theory of Ray living a new life somewhere else is also interesting, but it looks like we will never know.

It’s really hard not to overthink what was on that hard drive from the laptop Ray used for work that he didn’t want anyone else to see ever again?

Is it possible that it was a foul-play right from the start and that someone placed the car near the same river where Ray’s brother committed suicide to make it look like Ray committed suicide as well?

Ray Frank Gricar has been missing for 16 years now and even though he is legally declared dead, who knows if we will ever know what happened to Ray.

What do you think happened to Ray Gricar?

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