Found: Royal Scoop Daniel


Name: Royal Scoop Daniel
Last seen: 27th April 2007
Location: Breckenridge, Colorado
Status: Found Alive


Background Information

Royal Scoop Daniel was a lawyer in Breckenridge, Colorado where he was running his own law firm. He was very involved in the community and he was considered successful.

Scoop was very well known in the area as he was involved in the community and had many friends. What most people say about Scoop is that he was very passionate about helping others and paying it forward into the community.

He seemed like a very reliable person who was always there to help. This was true until the 27th of April 2007 where a mysterious case turned the small town upside down in the search for Royal Scoop Daniel.

Disappearance of Royal Scoop Daniel


The night before the disappearance of Royal Scoop Daniel, there was a fundraiser in the town and everyone within the tight-knit community was attending.

Scoop was there and he was seen socializing and spending a decent amount of money throughout the night.

On the 27th of April 2007, lawyers who started arriving at the Scoop’s law firm noticed that Scoop was nowhere to be seen. However, they noticed that Scoop prepared the coffee and breakfast which was on his table.

While many weren’t suspicious at that time, as the day went on – it was pretty obvious that Scoop wasn’t showing up and have missed the meetings scheduled for that day.

This raised suspicion as it was something very unusual, especially because Scoop didn’t show up even at the end of the day.

This was the last known activity of Scoop as he wasn’t answering anyone’s calls and no one was able to reach him throughout the day.

At this time, the police were called into the office. Upon arrival, the first thing police noticed is that Scoop’s car was parked in front of the law firm.

Upon searching his apartment, the police weren’t able to come up with any clues as all his belongings were at the correct place and there was nothing suspicious within both Scoop’s apartment and the office.

To get things even more suspicious, Royal Scoop Daniel’s belongings and even his dog were left in the office.

The police concluded that Scoop is probably somewhere close in the area, but might be injured. That’s when the official search for Royal Scoop Daniel began.

The Search for Royal Scoop Daniel


Along with the search of the office and the apartment, police thoroughly searched the surrounding areas around both the office and the apartment.

The search didn’t yield any results, but the next location the search focused on is the river behind the Scoop’s apartment as people believed that Scoop might have slipped and had trouble getting out because of the current.

Even though there were many people involved in the search party – they didn’t find any clues.

It was only when police were able to obtain the office CCTV which showed the Royal Scoop Daniel inside the office at 5:30 AM. However, the strangest thing police noticed is that there was no footage of Scoop leaving the office.

The next clue police received was from the DJ at the local radio who said that he saw Scoop the morning of the disappearance. They passed each other in the shared kitchen in the building around 7:30 AM. DJ mentioned that Scoop seemed a bit distracted and that he wasn’t very responsive.

Later that day, police noticed that Scoop made a phone call to 911 at around 7:45 PM the day he went missing. It was only a 9-second call, but the cell towers showed that Scoop was just a couple of blocks away from the area he was last seen.

When the call was made, nothing was said and the whole call was silent which raised even more suspicion on the Royal Daniel’s disappearance.

2 days have passed by with no other information coming in, but after looking into the Royal Daniel’s past – police discovered a couple of shocking things.

Before moving to Breckenridge, Colorado, Scoop was living in Washington, DC where he was married and had 8 children.

No one in the town knew this and this raised even more suspicion that Scoop just left to try and start a new life somewhere else.

The day Scoop went missing, his current girlfriend remembered that Scoop has given her a key to his apartment which she found strange as they weren’t in a relationship for long. Along with the key, Scoop gave a couple of other belongings such as clothes to his girlfriend – which only raised even more flags.

The last time Scoop was acting this way was when he left his wife after suddenly making up his mind to move to Colorado.

4 main theories were:

  1. Scoop left on his own
  2. He was a victim of a foul play
  3. He had some sort of medical condition that explains the disappearance
  4. He experienced mental issues that led to his disappearance

From all the theories, people in the town started suspecting that Scoop left on his own and he was the only one that had something to do with his disappearance.



The search led the police to find shredded documents in the Scoop’s apartment that included information regarding the child support but also a document containing that Scoop was late on paying the child support.

Such information combined with everything investigators has previously found raised suspicion that Scoop left on his own because he wasn’t doing well financially.

It was pretty obvious that Scoop acted like he had money as he was always generous and he was often spending money on fundraisers. After police discovered that Scoop wasn’t doing financially, people in the town started considering this a show-off, spending all the money he didn’t have.

Upon contacting the bank, police discovered even further that Scoop was in a depth which he wasn’t able to recover from as his bank loan application was denied.

For things to get even more real, a client gave a tip to the police that he made a transaction to Scoop before. The transaction amount was about $250,000 and Scoop was supposed to keep the payment until the client decided to pursue investments.

Unfortunately, when the client tried getting the money back, Scoop informed him that he has spent the money.

This is when police found that Scoop had 20 different bank accounts which really raised the suspicion. Police were also able to find that Scoop had loaned a lot of money from different people and he still owed money to many of them.

Also, they were able to find out that Scoop stole from 7 of his clients.

This narrowed the investigation to one possibility. Scoop was in huge financial trouble and he wasn’t a missing person anymore but a wanted person.

Upon all of this information surfacing, police charged Scoop with two charges: felony theft and commercial bribery.

Everyone turned onto Scoop and soon, the case became cold and it was 4 years before any new information.

On 7th December 2011, Royal Scoop Daniel was caught trying to get back into the USA from Mexico in San Diego. Scoop used his real passport which triggered the warrant on his name.


Scoop was detained and put into jail but he was finally able to tell his side of the story.

Royal Scoop Daniel’s Side of the Story


Scoop said that he was stressed out with work and he decided to commit suicide by driving off of a cliff. That’s when he tried calling 911 but he thought that they won’t be able to help him so he just tossed the phone in the dumpster.

Therefore, Scoop explained how he came $150,000 short that April, and rather than facing the humiliation of financial defeat and closing his business – he decided to commit suicide.

However, the prosecutor painted a picture of Scoop spending years in Mexico, drinking beer at the beach and he only decided to return to the USA to open a bank account that would allow him to save some money when he deposits Social Security checks.

At the time when Scoop went missing, $900,000 was missing and only half of that amount was recovered from his 20 bank accounts.

Royal Scoop Daniel was ordered to pay $460,000 of the missing money and he got a 12-year sentence, as well as having to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.


While some people believe Scoop was having mental issues and he felt desperate – others, including the prosecutors, weren’t so convinced.

Many people in town believe that Scoop planned his disappearance because of the theft that he couldn’t keep hidden anymore. Also, Scoop stated on the record that if he knew there was a warrant on his name, he would’ve never returned back to the USA.

This just tips the scale to the latter option – of a planned disappearance because of the theft that eventually earned him 8 counts of theft and 5 counts of commercial bribery – results in a 12-year prison sentence.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. What a horrible person he really is, deserved more than 12yrs in jail!!! Feel for his friends, who were so worried, thinking something awful had happened to him, when all along, he was nothing more than a scammer. SHAME ON HIM.

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