Mini Mystery Case: Ryan Shtuka


Name: Ryan Shtuka
Age: 20 years old
Last seen: February 17th, 2018
Location: Sun Peaks, B.C., Canada
Status: Missing

Ryan Shtuka

Physical Description

Ryan Shtuka went missing when he was 20 years old. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He is 6’ tall and weighs around 180 lbs. 

Ryan was wearing dark jeans, a white and grey t-shirt, a navy blue jacket, beige/tan vans shoes (size 11), and a burgundy ball cap (the same one in the image above). The cap has a logo of the rugby team he plays on for the Nor-Wester Athletic Association. 



Other items that are also missing are: 

  • iPhone 6s 
  • Men’s wallet 
  • Set of Volkswagen car keys 

Background Information


Ryan Shtuka was born on March, 17th, 1997. He was the firstborn to parents Heather and Scott Shtuka. He had a younger sister Jordan who joined the family 3 years after Ryan was born. Then when Ryan was around 8 years old, his second sister Juliana was born. 

Scott would coach in soccer and ringette, while Heather stayed at home and took the kids to play school, after school, they would bake cookies and go to the park and have playdates. 

Every summer they would go to a spot at a lake that was 45 minutes from their home. They would learn how to ride bikes and visit their grandparents. 

They then moved from Edmonton to Belmont, when Ryan was finishing kindergarten.  

As the siblings grew up they became close and really good friends. 

Belmont was a small close-knit community, which meant that Ryan’s friendship group was tight.

Ryan did very well academically, especially in maths and science, and had interests otherwise, but he was not in a hurry to make any permanent decisions about his future.

Heather says he loved dinosaurs and animals, and while growing up she thought he would become an archaeologist or a zookeeper when he grew up. when he finished school he didn’t really have an idea of what he wanted to do. 

Heather and Ryan had a conversation about what options Ryan had, they spoke about going to school or working. Ryan decided to start working in construction for a year but then realized this was not a job he wanted to do.

He decided to apply for school and went to MacEwan university to study science. Ryan told his mother he didn’t know what he wanted to do, he did not want to spend his time and money studying for 3-4 years on courses when he didn’t know what he wanted to do in the future. This is when Ryan began looking at having a year of adventure. 

Sometime around Ryan’s 20th birthday, he and a friend started thinking about wanting to spend their winter at a ski resort, to work, and snowboard.


In December 2017, Ryan and his friend left to go to Sun Peaks Resort for the winter season. 

February 16th, 2018, Ryan went to work and then went home which was a residence he shared with his roommates. Later that evening he and his friends went as a group to a Silent Disco event at one of the local pubs. Later that evening the group decided to leave the pub and went to a party on Burfield Drive at a residence near the apartment they were staying at.

One of the roommates of the group decided to leave the party as he was getting tired. Not long after, Ryan’s second roommate and the roommate’s girlfriend as well as another friend of theirs also decided to go home.

According to the three, they said they saw Ryan stand up and was supposedly going to get his jacket. When the three started the short walk back to the residence, Ryna’s roommate looked back to notice he was not walking behind them. The group thought Ryan maybe decided to stay behind, so they thought nothing of it. 

The following morning Ryan was supposed to go to work, however, his friends noticed he did not show up home but did not think anything was wrong. Around 11:30 am one of Ryan’s co-workers or managers texted the roommates and said Ryan was not in and they needed him to come in.

The roommates then called the house the party was at, to check if he had stayed there that night and contacted friends to see if they knew where Ryan was. They then texted the manager. It wasn’t until that evening around 7:00 pm did she reply to the message to say he hadn’t shown up to work.   

Later that evening, after checking hospitals and speaking to friends nothing came up, his friends decided to contact the police as well as Ryan’s parents to let them know Ryan did not come home or went to work that day.


The Search 


February 17th at approximately 8:47 pm the Kamloops RCMP police received a phone call saying Ryan Shtuka was missing. He did not go to work that day, he was not in contact with friends on Facebook and he wasn’t answering his phone. 

Kamloops RCMP contacted their police dog service and headed to Sun Peaks Resort. Police spoke to everyone that was at the party, hoping someone would have possible information about where Ryan went or what happened.

Unfortunately, nothing was found either in the search or while speaking to individuals from the party. Social media helped spread the word and many volunteers came to help in the search for Ryan. 

A year after Ryan Shtuka’s disappearance the Kamloops police department gave a statement saying they investigated all leads and tips they received. Police concluded that Ryan has never left Sun Peaks, however, they have no evidence to support this theory. 


As this case does not have a lot of information, many theories about Ryan Shtuka’s disappearance have come up. 

Many people believed that Ryan was drunk or high and wandered off into the woods and got lost. Others believe he left Sun Peaks, this is because some piece of clothing or an item of the person would be found in the area. 

Other theories include a drunk driver might have hit Ryan, as the streets in the area are not very well lit. 

People also speculate the possibility Ryan had maybe overdosed at the party and the people he was with somehow covered it up. 

All theories have not been proven or have any facts, these are all just speculations/theories. 

The parents of Ryan Shtuka have never given up and still search for their son. Once a month his parents go to Sun Peaks to search for him.

Contact information


If you have any information on the disappearance of Ryan Shtuka contact: 

Kamloops RCMP 1- 250-828-3000 quoting file # 2019-5071

To remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 1-800-222-8477 or submit a tip on

If you have any information, tips, or suggestions you can contact Ryan’s family through a form on the official website or email:

Resources and Further Information

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Podcast ‘A Podcast for the Missing’

Search for Ryan Shtuka continues 3 years after disappearance

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