Satara Stratton Death & Background


This is a rare case where a disappearance gave another hope to a mother of a missing daughter after she was found alive. Unfortunately, not long after, Satara Stratton death shook everyone.

Name: Satara Nicole Stratton
Age: 24 years old
Last seen: 17th October 2011
Location: Los Angeles, California
Status: Deceased


Physical Description

Satara Stratton was a 24-year-old woman and she had blonde hair, blue eyes, petite build, and was 5’3. She had a tattoo on her back which was two actors’ masks.

She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream to be an actor. But after struggling for a couple of years, Satara went missing where eventually she was found well, but the happy end quickly turned tragic.

Background Information


Satara Stratton grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and after finishing the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, she decided to pursue a career in acting by moving to Los Angeles in 2006.

At first, Satara was doing well by acting and directing various independent movies while working various jobs in between the gigs to pay the bills. Everything was fine until Satara was hospitalized for two weeks after she was a victim of a robbery attack.

After spending two weeks in a hospital, Satara was struggling with paying her share of the rent, paying the bills, and keeping a job which eventually led her to couch surf in order to avoid being homeless.

As Satara was couch surfing, she occasionally stayed at her friend’s place. She met her friend Paul Constantinescu on a movie set where she had a role in an independent movie.

Unfortunately, Paul’s influence led Satara to become addicted to drugs. Luckily, Satara knew that she had to get on the right path again and she went for a detox treatment in Pasadena to treat her drug addiction.

But every time Satara would finish her detox treatment, Paul’s bad influence would be waiting for her.

Disappearance of Satara Stratton

Satara Stratton went missing from Los Angeles, California after she was last seen on 17th October 2011.

She made a phone call to her mother on 22nd October 2011. She ended the call by saying she had to go and that she will call back later.

However, the second call never happened and that’s what raised Satara’s mother’s suspicions which eventually lead her to report Satara missing.

With very little information to go about, the search for Satara Stratton began.

The Search for Satara Stratton


Without any leads, investigation in Satara Stratton’s disappearance began, only for the police to classify Satara’s disappearance as voluntary missing.

However, her mother knew better than that. Satara had regular conversations with her mom over the phone so her mom knew the influence Paul had on Satara.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for Satara’s mom to suspect that Satara was abducted. However, without any evidence, Satara’s case went “cold” as no one has heard from her for months.

This was only until Satara has been spotted a couple of times on the Hollywood Boulevard corridor. Someone even had the same assumptions as Satara’s mom because sightings of Satara really worried them as Satara didn’t look as she was in decent shape.

On top of that, Satara’s sightings were always close to Paul’s apartment and it’s believed that she was always seen with Paul.

These thoughts and sightings led the investigators to look for Paul so they could interview him – but to their surprise, he was very hard to locate.

Satara Stratton Was Found Alive


On 15th March 2012, Satara was found alive at the Beverly Hills medical center as she was treated for injuries.

Satara was in pretty bad shape when she arrived at the medical center. Her body had cigarette burn marks, parts of her hair have been pulled from her skull, and she had wounds that appeared to be inflicted by fingernails being dug into the arms.

Satara was able to tell investigators exactly what happened. She explained that she was held captive for 4 and a half months by Paul Constantinescu in the apartment of a Rubber Stamp Company.

She was clearly tortured but what was also discovered is that Paul injected drugs into Satarra’s body frequently to keep her weak. This helped him keep her in control.

Satara also explained that they were moving a lot using random motels as Paul was constantly running out of money. This is also probably the reason why police had a hard time reaching Paul to bring him in for questioning.

It was only until the police’s investigation started putting pressure on finding Paul. That’s when Satara herself was able to convince Paul to let her go to the hospital.

Authorities were looking for possibilities of foul play so that they could charge Paul, but no charges were ever filed against him.


There were rumors that Paul was preparing to sell Satara to someone else, but it looks like that he had changed his mind when the deal couldn’t happen quickly as he was experiencing pressure from the police.

However, it is really weird that Paul didn’t get a single charge, even if Satara was alive and has witnessed everything Paul did to her. It was obvious that she was abused, and it’s unclear how come that this evidence wasn’t enough to charge Paul at all.

Satara Stratton Death


Satara was able to recover and overcome the drug issues even though she was repeatedly drugged by Paul so he could keep her captive.

Unfortunately, it was hard to deal with everything Satara went through. Almost five years later, on 4th February 2017, Satara passed away at her residence from an alleged drug overdose.

There were only a couple of reportings of her death. However, there are rumors that her death is being investigated as a homicide – but this was never publicly confirmed.

Satara Stratton’s death is really tragic, especially after everything she went through. She was once on the right path to “making it” in Las Vegas by doing her dream job.

Unfortunately, all of this was taken away from her in only a couple of events. Even after Satara’s death, it’s really shocking that her case didn’t get more publicity.

Luckily, Disappeared featured her on one of their episodes (Season 6, Episode 6), but other than that, a word about her never spread. Satara definitely deserved a lot more.

Did you watch the Disappeared episode on Satara Stratton’s disappearance? What are your thoughts on the police work that was done on this case?



Disappeared episode – Season 6, Episode 6 – City of Angels

2 Comments on “Satara Stratton Death & Background”

  1. I knew Satara. So much of this article is not true. Satara was involved in drugs long before getting involved with Paul. I don’t know anything about her relationship with Paul but I suspect no one was forcing drugs on her. She loved drugs. Also she didn’t die at her home. She died at her friend, Steve Bolia’s apartment on Orange drive in Hollywood. Steve admitted to me he supplied both the cocaine and the ecstasy she took but had no idea she also had heroin. Satara’s death was attributed to the combination of those drugs. Certainly Bolia didn’t mean to cause her any harm but, nonetheless, is partially responsible for her death. I know her mother suspects she was given a “hot dose” of heroin as revenge against her accusations about Paul who insists he never kept her against her will and voluntarily used drugs with him. I doubt foul play was the case since the combination of drugs in her system could easily be fatal. Satara certainly had her issues and she wasn’t the innocent that the press made her out to be but she was fun loving, a quick wit and had many friends. R.I.P Satara

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. All the information in this post is found through research and the documentary on Investigation Discovery: Disappeared.

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