Sebastian Tyrese Husted


Name: Sebastian Tyrese Husted
Age: 18 years old
Last seen: January 22, 2018
Location: Centerville, Iowa
Status: Missing


Physical Description

African American/Caucasian male with short black hair and dark brown eyes, he is 5’11 tall and weighs 200lbs. It is unknown what Sebastian was wearing when he went missing.

Sebastian has a tattoo of the word “Outlaw” on his left forearm and a tattoo with the word “Sebastian” on his right forearm. He also has a tattoo of two cross revolvers, skulls, and roses on his chest.



Sebastian “Ty” Husted was born and raised in Centerville, Iowa with his two older siblings. Sebastian had recently started a job power washing hog units for a local company and had moved into his own apartment only a few weeks before he went missing.

He went to Centerville High School and was really into sports particularly football. He was a fellow hunter, his sister Iesha said he loved his bow she described it as “his baby”.


Ty was preparing for his baby boy who was born in May, just a few months after he went missing.


On Sunday 21st January 2018 Sebastian called his sister Iesha after work, for a ride to the grocery store since he didn’t have a driver’s license. After taking him grocery shopping she dropped him off at his apartment and picked up his laundry, as he hadn’t yet gotten a washing machine at his own apartment. Iesha says he had bought lunches for work and had bought groceries for the week.

When Iesha arrived back at his apartment later that evening, Sebastian didn’t answer the door, so she just left his clothes outside on his back porch as she thought he was probably asleep. Iesha does confirm that Ty picked up his clothes while on his way to work as they were in the truck.

Sebastian lived in the same apartment building as his coworker Jason, so for that reason, they were put as partners in the job.

On January 22nd, 2018, Ty got a ride with his coworker to his job, in a company vehicle, which was located on a hog farm south of Lineville, Iowa in Mercer County Missouri. Shortly after arriving at work, Ty began texting his brother Malcolm, asking him to pick him up because his coworker was acting strange and had begun acting aggressively towards him.

Ty was supposed to text his brother his location, however, Malcolm never received it. Sebastian was never heard from or seen since.

The Search/Investigation

Sebastian was reported missing to the Centerville Police Department, by his family two days later.

Due to the jurisdiction, Sebastian went missing in, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office took over the case.

Sebastian’s coworker was brought in for questioning but has refused to answer any questions about what happened on January 22nd and was subsequently released. Ty’s family has tried to reach out to the coworker multiple times but has received no response.

This coworker never returned to his job at the hog farm after the day Sebastian went missing. He has also reportedly moved and there have been questionable comments made by him on social media.

There has been no activity on his credit cards since he went missing. Police were able to trace Sebastian’s cellphone and its last ping was near the hog farm in Mercer County before it went dead. the day he went missing.

Searches were conducted at the hog farm a few weeks after Ty’s disappearance, all ponds at the property were drained, but there was no sign of Sebastian.

Sebastian’s family have been travelling to Mercer County, as well as the surrounding area to try to spread Sebastian Husted’s case.


 Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Sebastian Tyrese Husted please contact the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at 660-748-3165 or contact the Centerville Police Department at 641-437-7100.

Resources and Further Information

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