The Disappearance of Phoenix Coldon


Name: Phoenix Lucille Coldon
Age: 23 years old
Last seen: December 18, 2011
Location: Spanish Lake, Missouri
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Pheonix Coldon is an African-American female with brown curly hair and brown eyes. She is 5’6 and weighs 125lbs. Pheonix has her ears pierced and may be wearing glasses.


She was last seen wearing a black hoodie, grey sweatpants with the text “Lindenwood” or “USML” on one leg, and black sneakers.

Background Information

Phoenix Reeves was born on May 23, 1988, and lived in California with her mother Goldia. They moved to Missouri for her father’s job, she was adopted by Lawrence Coldon and changed her surname to Coldon. Phoenix-Coldon-fencing

Phoenix was usually homeschooled, she played various instruments and attended the local junior fencing champion.

At the time of her disappearance, she was a junior at the University of Missouri but wasn’t enrolled in any Fall classes.

Phoenix was described as responsible, intelligent, and a very religious young woman by her family. She moved out of her family home at 18 and told her parents she was moving in with her female friend. However, they later found out she had moved in with her boyfriend. In 2011 she had moved back in with her parents.


December 18th, 2011 Phoenix went to church and the grocery store with her mum Gloria, when they returned home she got changed into her sweatpants and a hoodie and headed out.

Her father Lawrence saw Phoenix get into her 1998 black Chevrolet Blazer, which was in the driveway in the 12600 block Country Drive in Spanish Lake, Missouri, at around 2:20 pm and she drove away. This was the last time anyone had seen or heard from Phoenix.

Her parents initially thought Phoenix had gone to the store but when she didn’t arrive back home they reported her missing the next morning.

Her car was found abandoned at 5:27 pm on the day of her disappearance, December 18th, the car was entered into the police database as abandoned but the vehicle was not found by Missouri police because it had been impounded in Illinois.

The car was found abandoned with the driver’s side door open, around 25 minutes from her house on St. Claire Avenue in East St. Louis, and was impounded at 6:23 pm. Her glasses, purse, and ID were found inside the car.

Her family was reportedly never informed about Phoenix’s car being found. They found out on January 2nd, 2012 when a family friend found the car in a tow lot.


Police sent the car for DNA testing, however, no DNA was found to indicate anyone other than Phoenix and her parents were in the car.

There has been no activity on her bank accounts, phone, or social media since December 18th.

Initially, her car was reported to still be running when found, however, this was later proven to be inaccurate.

Phoenix’s parents have been independently searching for her after accusations of lack of police work on the case.

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Phoenix Coldon please contact the St. Louis County Police department at 314-615-5317.




Resources and Further Information

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Phoenix Lucille Coldon

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  1. Phoenix mother is not truthful and as a I consider it a pity pat Gloria. She doesn’t want to believe she made her leave. I understand why Phoenix left. I hope wherever she is she is happy and safe.

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