Unsolved Case Files Game – Case: Harmony Ashcroft


Unsolved Case Files is a game full of mysteries you need to solve in order to catch the killer. This game will make you feel like a true detective.


What is Unsolved Case Files

The company is owned and designed by two partners in crime., who have been friends since high school in the late 90s. Although they failed in their first attempts at selling Amazon products, they identified the growing interest in true crime.

Through the game they want people to understand that investigators are the ones who bring catch the killer and bring the victim’s family justice, rather than glorifying a serial killer. If you are familiar with true crime documentaries and films you may have noticed that the murderer’s name is the one people usually remember and talk about and the victim is forgotten. Many serial killers enjoy the attention and want the fame they see from other ‘serial killer idols’.

The goal was to create something that felt and looked real, as well as enjoyable, and it definitely succeeded!

The first 14 prototypes of the Harmony Ashcroft case were sent off to Amazon, and the first batch of cases soled out in a week. That’s when the game went viral.

In the following months, they built a team to create more cases, improve product material and develop the production capabilities.


How To Play

  1. You receive an Evidence bag with everything you need inside.
  2. Go through all the documents, photographs (crime scene photos), newspaper articles, etc.
  3. You then have 3 objectives to solve. This will help you move along in the case and release evidence to help catch the killer.
  4. Check your answers online! Visit the website, which is provided in the files. Here you can also receive hints if you get stuck.
  5. Catch the killer! Solve and close the cold case file. once you have solved all clues and caught the killer, you will put them in jail, and justice is served.



What is included

  • Evidence bag (contains everything inside)
  • Map
  • Crime scene photographs
  • Photographs of suspects and the victim
  • Witness statements
  • Person of interest report
  • Interview reports
  • Checklist
  • Bonus envelopes x3
  • Newspaper articles


  • You receive an A4 sheet which is a list of all the documents, photographs, etc you receive inside the file. This helps you follow along with the list and not miss anything.   
  • If you get stuck in the game and need a helping hand, no need to worry… you can get hints on the website link in the file.
  • I found it very helpful to check my answers, to help see if you are on the right track.


  • There is a lot of documents you have to read through so you may find it hard to remember key details however, I would recommend taking notes, I found this easier to remember important facts.
  • Once the game is over you cannot play anymore. You know all details and facts so you cant restart the game. But luckily there are other cases you can buy to continue the fun.

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  1. Nice work Detectives! ️ Thank you so much for not only reviewing our product, for raising awareness for these real-life cases that have yet to be solved. Let’s stay connected and if you need anything else from Unsolved Case Files, let us know!

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