What Happened to Devin Bond?


Devin Bond mysteriously disappeared after walking out of his parent’s house but he left cryptic clues and mysterious surveillance, but what happened to Devin Bond?

Name: Devin Bond
Age: 16 years old (at the time of his disappearance)
Last seen: March 31st
Location: Musfreesboro, Tennessee
Status: Found deceased


Background Information

Devin Bond grew up just outside Nashville and was living a regular life. His mom always called him “the easy kid” as he never got into trouble and he was always friends with everyone.

On March 31st, Devin got out of bed and walked out on his family. It was only when his dad returned home from the night shift that he discovered Devin is missing.

Devin stuffed sheets and towels in his bed to make it look like he’s sleeping, while he was actually outside of the house. This was the first giveaway that Devin has gone missing but it’s not the only clue.

Disappearance of Devin Bond


Since Devin wanted to make his bed look like it was him in it sleeping while he was outside, Devin’s parents first thought that Devin just snuck out.

Still, Devin’s mom took an early lunch to go look for him. The first thing she did after Devin’s disappearance was to check whether or not Devin’s friends have seen him.

Unfortunately, Devin’s friends didn’t see him since he disappeared and that’s when Devin’s parents realized that they must file a missing person’s report.

The Search for Devin Bond


As soon as Devin’s parents filed the missing person’s report, the police were on the lookout for Devin. Friends and family immediately gathered to start their own immediate search by visiting people in the neighborhood to try and find any information that could help with the search for Devin Bond.

As there was a lot of wooded area around the area Devin lived, search knew that they have to search for Devin in the woods, leaving no stone unturned.

The search didn’t yield any luck or information and it was only until the next day, 1st of April that Devin’s parents got in touch with Devin’s girlfriend.

Devin’s girlfriend said that she last heard from Devin was last night. She also said that she broke up with Devin that same night and that she was kind of upset. Devin’s parents immediately passed this information to the police officers who questioned Devin’s girlfriend further.

Even though Devin’s girlfriend wasn’t able to provide any more information, she was also surprised by Devin’s disappearance as she never saw any possible signs that this could happen.

However, Devin’s girlfriend was able to tell the police officers the reason why she broke up with Devin. The reason was that Devin spent more time talking to his friends on social media than he paid attention to her.

With this information, investigators started searching Devin’s social media profiles and they’ve thoroughly searched his Xbox (the gaming console) friends.

Police learned that Devin had a long list of internet friends on his gaming console so the theory of Devin meeting someone he met on the internet was a possibility.

Devin’s closest friends also suggested that Devin has always expressed the desire to run away and live his life as a homeless person in Florida. Some of Devin’s friends also indicated that Devin knew to be impulsive with some of his decisions in the past.

With very few clues to go on, Devin’s family searched throughout the house to find out if Devin left any clues. Unfortunately, Devin’s dad discovered that his gun is missing from his closet.

Even though a scenario where Devin wanted to hurt himself was a possibility, it didn’t really match the way he left as he took clothes and personal belongings with him.

Without many clues to help the search, Tennessee police didn’t give up and they continued to excessively search the area around Devin’s house, but also the area that one of Devin’s closest friends mentioned. Unfortunately, the police didn’t find anything in the woods.

It was a week later when police found a new clue in Devin’s room. Police found a paper with only the number 730 written in the left top corner. However, it was really hard to determine what the number represented, and even when did Devin write this number down.

Therefore, this number never provided any significant information and couldn’t help in the search for Devin Bond.

Luckily, police got another clue when Devin’s neighbor checked out their CCTV and have found that Devin’s back porch light turned on around 3:30 am. This tip was also followed by another tip by a passerby who possibly spotted Devin walking towards the Veteran’s Parkway at around 4 am.


Police confirmed the tip with the help of Devin’s phone location when his phone pinged off the closest cell tower known as Tiger Hill. Investigators were also able to learn that Devin’s cellphone was turned off at about 5:30 am and it was never powered back on.

With no new clues to follow, the search for Devin Bond didn’t yield any positive results. So do we know what happened to Devin Bond?

It was only until the new search party was organized around the area where Devin’s phone did the last ping.

What Happened to Devin Bond?


It was only two years later when police organized another large search party that would cover thousands of acres around the area where Devin’s cellphone last pinged back to the cellphone tower.

This was also very close to the area where Devin was last seen by an anonymous person who reported the tip.

In November 2019, two years after Devin went missing, police found human remains in the heavily wooded area that’s very close to the area where Devin’s phone pinged back to the closest cell phone tower.

Upon dental record identification, police were certain that they have found remains of Devin Bond. The cause of death is suspected suicide, but the medical examiner classified his death as undetermined.

Resources and Further Information

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