What Happened To Michael Chambers?


Name Michael Glenn Chambers ‘Pawpaw’
Age: 70 years old
Last seen: March 10, 2017
Location: Quinlan, Texas
Status: Missing


Physical Description

Michael Chambers is a caucasian male with brown eyes and grey balding hair, he is 6’3 tall and weighs around 225lbs.

It is unknown what he was last seen wearing, but he is known to typically wear a Dallas Fire-Rescue t-shirt and baseball hat.


He has a small scar on his upper lip and surgical scars on his right knee and both shoulders.


Michael Glenn Chambers had four children, two daughters from his first marriage and two sons he had adopted soon after he married Rebecca Chambers and the two had been together for 37 years. He had nine grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, who he loved dearly and was described as a family man.

Michael was a retired Dallas firefighter who was living in Quinlan, Texas. He served as a firefighter for 36 years and retired in 2008.

Michael spent the majority of his time restoring classic cars and was a member of the Texas Most Wanted car restoration group.

He was described as a very respected member of the community, he was a devoutly religious man who was a deacon at his local church and a member of the gospel band. He was known as ‘Pawpaw’ to his grandchildren.


On the morning of March 10th, 2017, Michael’s wife went to work and Michael had gotten ready for the day, Becca said he had talked about working on his cars and cutting some firewood.

A security camera at a Walmart in Quinlan shows Michael entering the store, making a purchase, and then leaving the store at 11:15 am.

Around 5:50 pm, Becca finished work and had texted Michael to let him know she was coming home, however she did not receive a response.

At 6:10 pm, Becca arrived home to find Michael’s truck parked in the driveway but the house was dark, so she called Michael’s cellphone but it went straight to voicemail.

Michael’s keys, hat, and wallet were found in the workshop, and items he had purchased from Walmart were sitting on the restroom counter with the receipt in the bathroom trash.

Rebecca was worried so she called family members, who also had not seen Michael but assured her he had probably gone running errands. She searched the 10-acre property with the help of neighbors. However, there was no sign of Michael.

Becca and the neighbors then checked the garage, which was locked. They found his keys, hat, and wallet inside. Blood was also discovered in the garage on the floor, which they first thought to be transmission fluid. This discovery concerned Rebecca and the neighbors, this is when they called 911 and reported Michael Chambers as missing at 6:55 pm.

The Search/Investigation

Within an hour of the report, a deputy carried at the home. At first, the deputy believed Michael may have been a victim of a robbery due to a drug problem in the area.

Upon searching the garage, nothing was missing apart from Michael’s driver’s license from his wallet. However, nothing in the garage appeared to be disturbed and in his truck was $1000 cash in the console. His shotgun was also examined and it had not been fired.

The blood on the floor in the garage was believed not to be enough for the wound to be fatal. This made the investigators believe Michael could have accidentally hit his head and could have gone off disorientated. However, this theory was quickly turned into foul play, due to finding blood on a rod in the corner of the garage.

Investigators and volunteers searched the property by foot, helicopter, and a K-9 team picked up a scent in a heavily wooded area to the southwest of the residence on Deer Lane and FM 2101, the scent was later lost.


Michael’s cellphone last pinged off a tower near Lake Tawakoni, it is believed the phone either died was turned off.

The security footage from the Walmart was looked at and it did not indicate Michael was being followed or was in danger.

A neighbor had spent the day outside at 3 pm, on the day of Michael’s disappearance, and didn’t see anything that was out of the ordinary from Michael’s property.

Investigators believe whatever had happened to Michael, took place sometime between noon and 3:30 pm after he had arrived home from the store.

Three days after Michael Chamber’s disappearance, the local sheriff made a plea to the public asking for any tips. The Chamber family then offered a reward of $25,000 for any information.

Some of the Chamber family members believed Michael’s son Justin might have involvement in Michael’s disappearance. Justin lived for 2 hours and he had recently fought with Michael over money.

Justin was taken in for questioning, he took a polygraph test which he passed and his alibi had checked out.

The blood from the garage floor was sent for testing and was confirmed to belong to Michael. A blood splatter expert went to the property and his examination showed the crime scene had been staged and the bright color of the blood hinted a possible presence of anti-coagulant.

On March 20th, 2017, Rebecca changed the family’s cellphone plan, and had removed Justin, and suspended Michael’s service. She said she did this because she needed money as she was financially struggling. In April 2017, she had Michael temporarily declared deceased, so that she could sell his truck and any other property as she needed money to pay bills.

In May 2017, the Chamber family members were subjected to a polygraph test. In June 2017, Rebecca took her polygraph test, where investigators learned she’d had multiple affairs during the marriage and the last one had ended 5 months before Michael’s disappearance. Becca told investigators that Michale was aware of the affairs but had never confronted her.

On July 12th, 2017, one of Michael’s daughters, Suzy received a Facebook message from someone claiming his friend had told him where Michael’s body was. This individual then called her and said Michael had been killed by more than one person and Rebecca and another man were involved. The caller also gave her an address where he claimed Michael’s body could be found.

Suzy immediately contacted the Sheriff’s Office to tell them about the phone call, however, they were skeptical of the information as the individual was a convicted felon and was only interested in the reward money.

The investigators did search the location the man gave Suzy, but nothing came from it.

On July 13th, 2017, Becca called the police to request a protective order against Justin, who she claimed had become irate after coming to the house due to the rumors he had heard about his mother’s involvement in his father Michael’s disappearance.

In October 2017, a cellphone expert to map out Michael’s exact route on the day of his disappearance. It was discovered Michael left his house and had driven to town via Lake Tawakoni bridge, where he stopped for 10-15 minutes. The Chamber family has said he had a history at this location.

The phone also showed at 2:30 pm, he went to the same location again, but then that’s where the pings stop. Through the cellphone data, they were able to determine Michael was traveling around 4 miles per hour. These led investigators to believe he was traveling on a bike, and there was a bike missing from the garage.

Based on the new evidence it made authorities believe Michael committed suicide on or near his property.

A 10-hour search was held on February 10th, 2018, in search of Michael’s body, yet nothing was found.


  1. Some people believe Michael had staged his own disappearance and had gone on to create a new life.
  2. Michael’s family and friends believe his disappearance to be the result of foul play. His friends at The Texas Most Wanted, believe someone hid in the wooded area located on the property, killed him, and then got rid of his cellphone in the lake.
  3. Police are under the assumption that Michael staged his own disappearance and had died by suicide. However, the family and private investigators do not believe this.

Contact Information

If you have any information on the disappearance of Michael Glenn Chambers please contact the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office at 903-453-6800. If you wish to stay anonymous you can contact Crime Stoppers at 903-457-2929.

The Chamber family has hired private investigators, Jane Holmes and Phillip Klein.


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  1. I find the suicide theory to be the least likely. How could he have committed suicide and hid his own body??? Even if he was standing in the middle of the river and shot himself, his body would have washed up eventually somewhere downstream. There would be, in the least, some skeletal remains to be found. The wife’s affair is very suspect and some of her actions are suspicious as well. Working in healthcare, she would have access to the blood tubes that contain anti-coagulant or befriend someone who does have access if she herself did not have direct access. The state of the blood in the garage is very telling and unless Michael staged his disappearance and moved on somewhere else, he did not commit suicide. That makes no sense.

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